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"Misupotamus", my sweet constant companion, you were taken from me so suddenly that I almost could not survive the shock - my loss is too great to describe with mere words. I promise YOU, with my deepest conviction, that you will never be forgotten - so long as I shall breathe. I loved you so much.

One day, we will meet again so we can run & play together in the meadows of Rainbow Bridge - I promise to kiss your snout gently and hug you a lot, but not squish you too tightly. :)

Nothing can or will ever replace you in my heart and memories; you were my beloved constant companion and I will not forget your selfless love. . . merely looking at your sweet face each morning made me smile as big as can be and provided the energy I needed to get through the day. . . I can still see you innocently smiling back at me as if to say "hey, whatcha thinkin' Mommy."

Miss Misu, you will always and forever remain my "Princess of Love." To those who were blessed to have known you, my sweet girl, you will be remembered as "Princess Misupotomus Muddypaws Baby Girlfriend Dog."

"Shine On" my sweet angel, make friends, cuddle, protect, and comfort all the other fur angels you will meet and greet at Rainbow Bridge. Provide as much love and comfort to new arrivals as you did to your mommy every day you were here.

Nov. 26th, 2008: Misu, as I turned onto our street today I saw a Giant Rainbow over our house. I had long prayed for a sign from you, a sign that you are OK at Rainbow Bridge. The loss of your presence hurts incredibly deeply - because I miss you so much . . . I screamed your name and cried out for you today; not from sorrow but from joy! I am comforted by the thought that you are now safe, with many fur angel friends, waiting for me to join you one day.

Dec. 25th, 2008: Merry X-mas Miss Misu!!! Daddy and I were having breakfast up at the new neighbors house and in the middle of breakfast, I saw the biggest, brightest rainbow I have ever seen. The rainbow spanned the entire length of our house and it spread over the new bridge that I built for you and I to play upon. The rainbow appeared and disappeared numerous times throughout X-mas morning as if you were running around, playing games, and visiting me in between romps just to let me know that you are OK . . . I also noticed a second more faint rainbow above the big one. . . I told Daddy that maybe you brought some friends with you so we would know you are not alone but, instead, are being comforted by many furangel friends. Thank you for the sign my sweet girl, Daddy and I love you and miss you so much. Just so you know, I have your favorite hedgehog toy, the one you loved to play with every night at bedtime, propped up on the headboard over my pillow . . . I think of you and dream about you constantly my sweet furbaby.

March 9th, 2009: Miss Misu how are you my sweet girl I was thinking of you all weekend and again this morning. You would be happy to know that I finally finished my closet. I thought the construction would never be complete!!! I have hung a huge picture of you in there so that I can see you each and every day. The picture does not replace your silly face and antics but it reminds me of you each time I walk into the room. I remember how I used to just love to look into your soft eyes, kiss your sweet snout, and play with you every morning. You are such a sweet silly, a girl with the most gentle, loving heart. I want you to know that I never thought of you like a dog - you were, and always will be, my daughter and my Princess of Love. I miss you so incredibly and sometimes I squeeze your favorite hedgehog at night before bed- yes, I am a silly Mommy. I am creating several memorials for you including, a special tribute out by the Jacaranda tree that I can see from the kitchen. In the morning, the tree is so pretty it reminds me of you. Do you remember that we planted it just after you left this place?

I am sorry to report that Sophie's time to go to the Bridge sadly came this past weekend - Dr. Bob came to the house to help her along and she went to meet you on Saturday - Daddy is having a hard time without Sohpie here . . . so, Miss Misu, please look for Sohpie and help guide her over the Bridge - she will be very glad to see you. Love & Kisses, Mommy.

October 26th 2009: Dearest Misu, it has been almost a year since you left this place. I apologize for not writing sooner but the year has been incredibly difficult for Mommy, Daddy, and life in general. I have been working with someone on dealing with the loss of you recently. . .. She really understands what you meant to me. I want you to know that Lady Gwenevierre and "Cody," your son, had a litter of pups this year - five in all three boys and 2 girls. Three went to lovely families but I kept one boy and one girl. I will post pics of them so you can enjoy them too. You should know that I have often thought of joining you before my natural time to leave this place - how would you feel about that? Would you be sad or would you understand? Either way, I just want you to know that you are so missed by your Mommy and I love you so much - you will never leave me in spirit, never. Mommy

November 16th, 2010: Dearest Misu, today is the 2nd Anniversary of your passing. It has been a long, arduous, sad, and rocky road to this point without you . . . but, I have not gone a day without remembering your sweet face. I pray that you are waiting for me and have made new friends along the way. Forever in my heart. Mommy

November 16th, 2014: Miss Misu . . . it's been a long year and so much has happened. I so wish you had been here to share it, but I believe you are watching. I miss you every day.

November 16, 2021: Nothing is right in the world. I think of you every day and miss your sweet mug. I won't be long now - see you soonest. <3

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