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Memories of Thumper
Thumper was always very protective of me, (his Mom) and one time a camel cricket appeared on a towel and scared me provoking a deafening scream. Thumper heard his Mom's distress call and flew to my rescue. He found that cricket, tore all of it's legs off and pawed it to death!!!! Then, like the gentleman he was, stood vigil over the area all night long, to make sure there might not be another one to attack his Mom! :) That was my precious boy!!!!!

Precious Thump: It has now been 1 yr since you arrived at Rainbow Bridge. Sahsa & I struggled without you & then Sashia got sick. I think our hearts hurt for you so much she could not stand it. I had to stay strong to take care of her and now she is with you there. I miss you both so.....I lawwove it when you come to visit. I know you are both healthy again & that means more to me than anything. Play, nap & look after your sister, lovey, you are the best!!! I know you have made many new friends & especially your soul brother Tuppy, please help Tuppy comfort his Mom as she does not feel well & misses him so. Visit with your cousins & grandparents, give them my love & know we will all be together again one day. No one or anything will ever take your place, little man, I love you so. I baked a turkey over the holiday & it reminded me of how I used to do that once a month for you & Sashie. How you loved your turkey. Please come & visit & remember how very special you are to me. Love you always & forever! Mom XXX000

Most precious Thumper: Another year has passed & I just can't believe it!?!? Two years, it is so hard still to be here without you. Yesterday I cried the whole day, you were my strength with your loving eyes, heart & gentle, but steadfast presence and I miss you so. I know especially since it was just Thanksgiving & I baked a turkey, your favorite, I so missed cutting up the meat for you & Sashie. But especially you because you liked it more I thought. Mom tried to always do the very best for you & Sashie, lovey, & I know I am being selfish wishing you were still here but I still miss you so. Please come to visit me & let me know you are here as I know you know Mom hasn't felt well for some time now. Your Auntie's are still causing trouble so be near to me, prescie, as I am so alone without you. Go with me on the trips I have to make, brush up against my leg so I know you are there or however you know I will recognize you. Thumper you are the most beautiful blue eyed kitty I have ever seen & the best part is that you were just as beautiful on the inside as the outside! You were truly an angel & I thank God I was given the chance to share 20 yrs with you. I love you, honey, play, nap & look after little Sashie & one day we will be together again. Come & be with me when you can. Remember, nothing or no one can ever take your place, you are my sunshine boy! Love you always & forever! Mom XXX000.

Dear precious Thumper cat, my very special blue eyed boy, I cannot believe it has been 10 yrs since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge!!! I know you know all the extra stress I've had & haven't been able to write to you. You are always in my heart, I miss you & Sashie so. My consolation is knowing you're both healthy & together with our other family, friends & furbabies. please come visit ne & go visit Tuppy's Mom too, she misses her boy so much. I love you Thumper, more than tongue can tell, nothing can ever take your place. come visit me & know you are in my heart & soul forever!!! Always, Mom

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