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Memories of Tigger
September 6, 2007

Hello, my darling Tiggy. On September 4 it was 4 years since you went home to God and I know you are safe and happy there and that you have Jennie to keep you company. I miss you every single day. Nobody will ever take your special place in my heart. One day we will be together forever and there will be no more goodbyes. Bless you, my dearest boy. With so much love, from Mom

Hi, Tiggy Winkle. How can it be 14 years since you left me? I will never forget that day - one of the saddest of my life. But I have so many funny and sweet and wonderful memories of you. I put out a photo a few weeks ago, of you at age 7 weeks, when we had just brought you home from the Mt. Shasta Animal Shelter, and in the photo, you are perched happily on Jack's shoulder, king of all you survey! You made quick work of turning him from a dog person into a cat person, Tiggy! He absolutely adored you. Remember how you would jump up on the couch when he was reading the paper, and get his attention so he would "hand wrestle" with you? You never bit or scratched, but you LOVED pretending to fight with his hand, and so did he. Remember when we ate tacos together, and you purred SO loud you shook the whole top of the island? Do you remember when you stuck your head in the kleenex box and were backing around the kitchen, bumping into the walls and the cabinets, and I was laughing so hard I cried. You reminded me of Winnie the Pooh, getting his head stuck in the honey jar at the bottom of the pit he and Piglet dug to try to catch a Heffalump! And when I was vacuuming and took out the furnace register cover in the kitchen (only 3" wide!) and turned around to see the tip of your tail disappearing down the vent. I absolutely panicked, having visions of you sliding down the duct, and us having to rip all of the furnace ducting out of the basement ceiling to rescue you. But I fell on my knees and stuck my hand down - and by a miracle, caught you by the tail and pulled you out. I NEVER took the vent covers off again, just vacuumed around them. You made me laugh, so often. I loved you SO much. I still do, Tiggy, and I always will. Be happy. Now you have my Wee Wicket there with you and Jennie - the "new kit" on the block. Take good care of him, my big wooly bear. He is a sweet, dear boy. I often tell people about when you and I first saw each other in the animal shelter. You were in a cage with your mom and sister. Your sister was shy, and stayed way back in the cage behind her mom, but YOU were hanging on the inside of the cage, meowing at me in your teeny weeny kitten mew, and sticking one paw out, trying to get me to come closer. Jack and I spent an hour or more looking at every cat there, and when Jack asked me "any decision?", I went straight back and took you out of the cage. We both knew, you and I, that we were meant to be together. Be happy my special boy, and remember, some day we will be together again, as we are supposed to be, as we were always supposed to be. I love you!

Dear Tiggy Winkle, how can it be 14 years since I lost you? That day, and for so many days after, I wondered how to go on without you in my life. There has been an empty space where you were since then. You know that I lost our dear Dad seven years ago yesterday. And today is the anniversary of the day I lost you. I wonder why those two losses came so close together on the calendar. I have no fond memories of September. But I have so many of you! The picture of you sitting on your big fat butt with paws on tummy is right behind me on my bookshelf, and it makes me smile whenever I see it. You left me too soon, Tiggy, but I am grateful for the time I had you, and I would scoop you up and take you home with me now, just as I did in 1994, even knowing I would lose you and that a part of my heart would always belong to you. I know that by now, little Wicket is one your best friends. He was a love-bunny, too, just like you. And dear little Jenny is there with both of you boys, making sure you behave yourselves. Chase butteries together, and I will see you again one day, Tiggy. I send you all the love I always felt for you and still do. Be happy. You are safe and well now.
Your mom

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