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Memories of Toby
Dear Toby (Tobers, Tobs, Tober-Tobs),

Mommy woke up this morning and you were gone. You left us for the bridge. Your fight and pain is over. You were such a tough lil guy. You've been paralyzed for about 1 1/2 years not being able to move or bend your legs, but you seemed so happy and ate like a horse. You loved to sit on mommy's lap and be outside with mommy, daddy, Uncle Harry, and all your brothers and sisters.

I was working at East Plane Animal Hospital when this awful guy that had never brought you there before came in to put you to sleep on a Saturday. I will never forget that day. He said you were sick and had been peeing/pooping all over the house. He sat with you in the waiting room and you kept nudging him to pet you and all he cared about was playing with his phone. You looked at me with those soulful eyes as if you were asking me to save you. Well I did just that! Doc was getting ready to fill that needle to take your life, and I told him not to do it! He told your owner and he agreed to let me have you and he left. We then did some bloodwork on you and saw that all your teeth were so bad they had to be removed. You were so skinny probably because it hurt to eat. I brought you to work every day with me at East Plane till I left there.

You were a spunky lil thing and trotted around with your brothers and sisters. You were always so cold, so we would put a coat on you when you would go outside and always covered you with a blanket. Moby always kissed you and loved to hang out with you. I hope he and Uncle Ollie greeted you at the bridge along with all your other brothers and sisters. Also, Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Pop-Pop.

You were paralyzed, had an adrenal gland tumor (cushings), low thyroid, and cataracts. You were my hot lil mess, but you fought for so long. Towards the end you couldn't stand anymore then you couldn't open your mouth to eat and you were so frustrated and so was I. You also started getting open wounds. I saw your spirit change then. I was going to ask Dr. Sarah to come to the house to let you peacefully go to the bridge. I had prayed to God that he would peacefully take you, and he did. It still hurts though. You will be missed my sweet boy. You are now whole and healthy again. Please run free, and enjoy your new beautiful home with your brothers/sisters. Give them a kiss from me as I miss you all. Until we meet again. We love you!


Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Harry, and all your Furry Brothers/Sisters

8/28/20 - Hi sweet Toby boy, One (1) year this morning you left us for the bridge. I think now, was I selfish keeping you with us? You couldn't move or bend your legs, but you seemed happy. You slept a lot, and I hope you weren't in pain. Please forgive me if you feel I kept you here too long. You were such a tough boy. Mommy tried her best to help you. We really don't know what had happened to you. I hope you are happy in you beautiful new home. I also hope you greeted Uncle Harry and Myron at the bridge. Please know you were loved greatly and we will always love an miss you. Until we meet again, my sweet boy. Run free and enjoy. Look down on us every now and then. The house is as crazy as ever.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Furry Brothers/Sisters

8/28/21 - Hi my sweet Tobers, Two (2) years ago today you decided it was time to leave this world. Please forgive mommy if you feel I kept you here too long. You were a special lil boy and we loved you very much! There's a lil doggy on TikTok that I follow named Eddie, and he reminds me of you. He is paralyzed too but he is grumpy. You were always so happy. I hope you greeted Patch, Sierra, and Hailey at the bridge and that all of you are together. Mommy and daddy love and miss every single one of you! We will all be together again some day.


Mommy, Daddy and all your Furry Brothers/Sisters

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