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Memories of Tremor
You will always be The Dude of Lake Limerick. The two years I was your Mamboo will forever be a precious memory in my heart. Your best friend Miss Emma misses you too. She still goes to the door and looks for you. I miss your freckles and soft soft fur so much my baby dude guy. Your kisses were the best even your vet said so. I wish with all my heart I could turn back the clock and you would be home when I go back today. I see you every where at home. Playing the steal "Mamboo's slipper and run game". But you never chewed them up you just wanted to entice me to chase you. I could leave them out when I wasn't at home and you never touched them. You were such a very good boy. Being in the yard acting like a tough guy until you hear something that scares you and then you are running back to the door for Mamboo to protect you with your little ears flapping all the way. I miss kissing you every morning as you sat in the chair in my bedroom while I got ready for work. You were the sweetest most gentle soul and did not deserve to pass at such a young age. I miss you so much!! I will miss you next summer stretching out in the sunshine on the deck. I will never forget the first time we took you through the backyard to the lake front and you just charged in and scared me so much. I remember telling you that Bulldogs don't swim and that you were not a water spaniel!! From the day you came home with me you stole my heart like no other. You were not a pet Tremor doo you were a part of the family. You were my special little boy and since you went I feel like I have lost a child. It is so hard without you. You made Mamboo a better person just by being in my life and I will never be the same and no one will ever be able to replace you and the hole in my heart will be there until we are together again. I have a card that says I can only hope that someday I will be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am. I hope you knew how much I loved you and that when we see each other again you will still love me baby dude. All my heart 4/ever Mamboo!!

My precious Tremor it is going on 2 months now since you left for Rainbow Bridge and I still cry everyday. I feel like my soul is bleeding and I miss you more than words could ever say. We all miss you so much. Our home and family will never be the same without you. It's hard to lose a friend to old age but no one should have to lose their fur baby at such a sweet tender age in their life. I will always be with you in my heart Dude guy and send my love and kisses to you everyday. Please visit me in my dreams so I know that you are okay and that life there surrounded by fur baby friends is truly wonderful for you. I love you, Mamboo.

Your face is in my eyes forever Baby Dude. I still miss you so much and everyday on my way home I still hope against all hope that somehow you will be there waiting but it never happens.I know that your Daddy blames himself and to be honest I did too at first because he was so adament about getting your surgery done and I wanted to wait because of fiances. Then I felt bad that I would even think about money when your health was more important so I decided to have the surgery done.I know that it truly was not his fault or mine. I just have all the guilt of a Mother that her baby boy was in pain and all alone and I wasn't there for you. I love you now Tremor as much as I loved you then, Mamboo.

Not a day goes by baby Dude that tears do not fall from my eyes when I think of you. I look at your face on my phone first thing every morning and the last thing I see every night. I would give just about anything to see you again and kiss you one last time. Poor little miss Emma Rose still misses you too dude guy. She wants love and attention all the time since you left. I think she is scared that she may disappear like you did.I feel so much guilt for not being with my "baby" when you needed me most. I trusted the vet to take care of you and unfortunately that trust was mislaid. All I can hope for is that you did not suffer and were not in pain. It is hard to believe anymore that there really is someone watching over us because the entity I always believed in was loving and giving and would not take the life of an innocent like you. You will be a part of my heart until I can hold you once again and kiss all the freckles off your little neck like I used too, Mamboo.

Baby Dude I am sorry that I did not visit on the 17th but I just couldn't. I love and miss you so much. I would give anything to have you home again. On the 16th Emma Rose and I got out your blankey and wrapped ourselves in your memory. Emma was so excited by your smell but she looked so sad when she realized that you were not inside the blankey. There are days when the guilt overwhelms me monkey face. I was so angry with your Daddy that day that I did kiss and hug you before we left the vets office. When Petunia went right into the kennel and you kept trying to get out I truly believe that if I had not been so preoccupied with my anger I would have realized that you were trying to tell me to please not leave you there that day. I should have paid better attention to my intuition Tremor and brought you back home.I will carry that guilt with me to my grave. I hope with all my heart and soul that there is truly a place for all the babies to go where they are loved and can just be babies forever. Not just puppies and kittens but all the animals of the world. I am not a religous person but as with everyone I want to believe that there is more....I hope that when the Bible says that the meek shall inherit the Earth Tremor Dude it means all the animals. People that abuse and eat animals need to remember who was in that barn when Jesus was born. Not a bunch of people but the animals were the beings by his side.

My sweet Baby Dude it has been too long since I have seen your monkey face. I still think about you almost everyday and wish you were still here. Since you left me Ottis and Petunia both joined you in 2014. Now your baby sister Miss Emma Rose is with you too since this past April and I miss her so so much!! She missed you so much when you left us Tremor and now you are together again and I know you are both happy and healthy together. I hope with all my heart and soul that you all know just how much I loved you and hope to be with all of you again someday. That thought is what keeps me going is the hope that God will forgive all my sins and let me come to heaven to be with all my sweet fur babies again. Lola Belle is still here but she turned 11 this year and I can tell she is getting tired but I can't lose her yet....Jethro Bodhi is 6 this year and it hurts so badly to think about being alone without them here by my side. I love you all and miss you so much and hope with all my heart to see all of you again someday. Mamboo

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