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Memories of Tristan Elko
Tristan we love and miss you so much including your half brother Trevor. You brought nothing but love joy and happiness to our lives since you first arrived on October 5th 2004. You were always there to provide endless kisses and enjoyed receiving them from mommy and daddy. You were mommy's first dog fur baby and she is having a very difficult time with your passing. Trevor is missing you terribly and is wondering where you are.

You were a great big brother to Trevor. You watched over him when he was a small puppy and he learned and mimicked everything you did. We especially enjoyed watching you play your favorite games of tug of war with the Frisbee and soccer. Trevor won't be the same without his big brother. We can tell he is sad already.

Tristan you had many bouts with medial issues but we were always there to ensure you received the care you needed. When you were 4 years old you developed hip dysplasia. Dr P performed an FHO on you where he cut off the ball of your right femur and a little below it and he said you would develop a false pocket which you did and were able to run like you did previous to the surgery and after tread mill in the water (which you hated) and swimming therapy you recovered completely. At age 7 you developed colon cancer and had an embedded non distended testicle which the Vet missed during neutering. Thank God we found surgeon Hooman Pooya who performed a five and a half hour surgery to remove the colon cancer and testicle which was very successful. His lovely wife was there consoling us during the surgery and giving us surgical updates every half hour. To both of them we are eternally grateful. After your chemo therapy you were cancer free until your passing At age 10 you had your gall bladder removed which you recovered from but developed a few bouts of pancreatitis which is a common side effect. Dr Goodman performed the successful surgery and addressed your pancreas issues. We are very grateful doc. Unfortunately at age 12 your kidneys began to fail. We did everything in our power to ensure you were pain free and received the care you needed including home administration of Ringers Lactate twice a day to help your kidneys. Unfortunately old age and kidney disease caught up to you.

The day of your passing I had you groomed by our favorite Barbara who pointed out you had fluid buildup in your legs and belly. We are so grateful and thankful to Barb for keeping you and Trevor so handsome and pointing out issues you had that we were unaware of.

When we got you home from grooming you seemed to take a turn for the worse and were giving up. I called Everhart Veterinary Hospital and asked if we could bring you in at 4:00 pm to have you checked out. Dr Key was wonderful and took you back for an ultrasound and advised your kidneys had gotten much worse. She agreed with us that is was time to say goodbye to our beloved Tristan which we were preparing for. Dr key said we went above and beyond the call of duty to do everything possible to help you recover but the kidney disease won out. Dr Key consoled us during and after the procedure and assured us we did the right thing which gave us peace of mind and heart. We are eternally grateful to her and the entire staff at Everhart for your wonderful care and helping us with your transition to Rainbow Bridge.

Tristan you were a God sent to us and everyone who knew you. No matter who you were Tristan was always there to plaster you with kisses. He will be missed by all.

We would like to thank our family and friends for the condolences and kind words to remember our Tristan.
He was one of a kind and a lover boy.

Tristan you will truly be missed and loved by mommy, daddy and Trevor and will always be remember and we will cherish the good times and wonderful memories we had together. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge when our time comes.

Love you Tristan,
Mommy, Daddy and Trevor

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