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Memories of Trixie
Her eyes would melt your soul. She was a very happy Girl and very spoiled I gave her anything. She knows I loved her so much. Nothing will ever be the same now. I have Munchkin the Daughter and we are missing our ANGEL. We will take day by day. They can be seen on U-TUBE MY MOVIE TRIXIE POP TOP. She loved playing with a red coke pop top, I had to film it a few years back.
Thanks to all those good folks that has posted here! I Greatly appreciate that! This site must have been made By A TRUE ANGEL! It helps with this pain full time as the tears keep flowing like the Texas Rains. W
Did not find out about your little Heart Murmur until few years back from vet. If I had one Wish it would be to have the POWER to bring you back with me with no Issues. I will see you soon MY ANGEL at your RAINBOW BRIDGE I look forward to that!

Took your little Body to Houston Pet Funeral home 11-10-15 for Cremation should have you back next week so your ashes will be with mine in ARDMORE IRELAND Under the Castle at the SEA. Munchkin your Daughter is doing some better but we still cry everyday together, MISS YOU GREATLY and hope your playing and having fun with the rest of GODS creatures at the RAINBOW BRIDGE!

My Angels ashes arrived today 11-13-15 from the Pet Funeral home Houston TX. Will have ceremony on the beach where she loved to play Texas Gulf Coast and spread some ashes. It has been 1 week today. Been up all night with her Daughter rushed to vet this morning she had bad cold Got shot and meds for her. Scared me at 3 AM Coughing running fever I just about lost it. TRIXIE ANGEL you know I will take care of her Like always. We Miss you so much! I am working on the photo album for the Kind people that care to visit your sweet soul. Trixie ANGEL it has been 2 weeks today since I have seen you. I found your CHRISTMAS STOCKING and broke down, I loved filling it with toys and treats for you and you loved this time of year Thanksgiving and X-MAS will not be the same me and Munchkin really miss you and your always on our mind! TRIXIE MY ANGEL it is Thanksgiving Day 2015.Here with your Daughter MUNCHKIN we love you and MISS you so much! Listen to this song today 11-30-15, and thought of you my ANGEL! I hope to be with you soon.https://youtu.be/6jXrmAKBBTU... VINCE GILL HIGH ON THAT MOUNTAIN!We love you and the tears still flow! IT IS NOW 12-7-15 READ ON ! Trixie My ANGEL it has been 1 MONTH NOW! Happy HANUKKA at the rainbow bridge, the tears still flow. Your daughter Munchkin is my SHADOW now she goes everywhere with me does not want me out of her sight! I take her to town and get her French fries when I go she knows and begs to go with me. I am keeping her warm and safe as you know I am just like always! 18 DAYS NOW UNTIL CHRISTMAS IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!! DEC -17-2015 My Angel we are missing you bad! Big hole that will never be filled love you always TRIXIE! MERRY CHRISTMAS Dec 24th 2015 MY TRIXIE. If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane, I would walk right up to that RAINBOW BRIDGE in HEAVEN and bring back home to us. You were gone before we knew it,and only GOD knows why?Our Hearts still aches in sadness and tears still flow, what is meant for me to lose you, no one will ever know.Jan-1-2016 a old year has passed with my Trixie Angel, Anew Year has began, and whoever said time heals all don't know what they taking about! Trixie Happy New Year at your Rainbow Bridge We miss you every day and minute. It is 1/11/16 and still we are still crying and missing you so MUCH ANGEL!MY ANGEL it is Valentines 2016 here back at the Ranch with your Daughter and it will never be the same we MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH !!MY ANGEL IT IS EASTER 2016. I am still taking good care of your Daughter Munchkin! We MISS you every day and night! My life is not the same anymore> But I/ WE will see you soon GOD KNOWS I WANT THAT SOON! Something just happen TRIXIE 3 Minutes after I typed this? Your Daughter just started barking at me after I, cried?? And looked @ me in the eyes and my soul!~ ?? I felt a warm PEACE? And it said, I have more work to finish here on this OLD EARTH? GOD ONLY KNOWS?4-14-16 Missing you Trixie this has been very hard not having you here? We miss you so much!5/08/2016. Mothers Day Trixie My Angel we me and your sweet daughter missed you this Mothers Day? It will never be the same! You were such a""GOOD SWEET MOTHER" We Miss you so much! Hope your looking down from Rainbow Bridge and smiling, I am doing my best! But about ready to come meet you again! WE Love Forever my ANGEL TRIXIE!6/23/16 My TRIXIE baby girl we Munchkin your daughter still hanging in there? It has been tuff without you.And not a day goes buy that we think of your sweet self. We miss you so much! Well My LOVE! I will be another year older next week and if I had one wish it would be to bring you back to me! I still taking care of your daughter Munchkin like I promised you! We working pipeline and she is alone and we Miss you so Much!! You are my ANGEL Not over you yet AUG 29-2016!WELL MY ANGEL IT HAS BEEN 1 YEAR TODAY and WE MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! LIFE IS JUST NOT THE SAME ANYMORE... Taking care of Munchkin your daughter still. She is so spoiled! Hope your wagging that tail there in RAINBOW HEAVEN. Our tears still flow and our hearts are with you MY ANGEL! My Angel Trixie it is 2 days after Christmas 2016 been a year and we still MISS you so much cooked a good smoked Turkey and Ham that you loved every year your Daughter tore it up. Hope your Happy in Rainbow Heaven and smiling down on us Love ALWAYS !TRIXIE MY ANGEL another year 2017 is here and Your Daughter and I still MISS you being here with us! Just not the same anymore. We trying to get out of here to the Ranch but even there will not be the same? Love always Munchkin and ME!10-4-17 Missing my ANGEL TRIXIE!Well this is now 11-6-17 and my heart still bleeds GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH MY ANGEL TRIXIE MET TO US VERY SAD DAY FOR US! NEVER WILL LOSE THOSE SWEET MEMORIES !Well my Angel Trixie another Christmas 2017 has passed and we still miss you oh so much!! The pain and grief seems to never stop! Taking care of your daughter she doing good but misses you so . I, know your looking down on us from the Rainbow Bridge. Love you forever !Well Lost little Jasper he was 16 yrs old he had a very good life all those years thamks to Robin and I, Only one left now My Munchkin RIP JASPER Love always you will be missed !
My Trixie girl it has very sad with out you in our life and home . Munchkin your daughter is hanging in there . Hope you ok in Rainbow Heaven . Well another year has passed and not a day goes by that I, Munchkin your Daughter think about your sweet soul,and we MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH TRIXIE! You were our WORLD and brought so much happiness in this cruel old world , 5 yrs and still not over you. And now Munchkin is getting very old, dread that day she will be gone as well, but I, gave you and her the best LIFE ,So spoiled, would not trade that for anything. RIP my Angel and hope you looking down and happy watching me take care of Munchkin Love Forever, my tears flowing! Nov,6th 2020.Miss you so much my Trixie Baby, today is hard for me your Daughter Munchkin still hanging in there spoiled as ever 16 yrs old . RIP MY ANGEL LOVE FOREVER . 7 years now my baby is gone miss her so much ! Your Daughter Munchkin passed on OCT 17TH 2002 You are now together your ashes with her body in the tomb I. made. Munchkin had 17 Wonderful years with me ! My heart is empty now !RIP IN RAINBOW HEAVEN . Hope to see you soon ! May 17th 2023 my heart is so broken have not got another dog some say should but raised 3. Done my time no regrets. Just to old now to bear more pain ! Guess love to deep ? Oct 17th lost my baby Munchkin after 17 years. Been a year now and my heart is still BROKEN. I, MISS MY BABIES SO MUCH! Both resting in my back yard together now. Hope see you soon in Rainbow Heaven, will never forget the LOVE ! Oct 15th 2023. Well it is now Dec 21st 2023 . Almost Christmas again without my baby girls there is a big hole that will never be filled in my heart ! Rip my baby girls miss you in my home alive instead in a tomb in my back yard! RIP IN Rainbow Heaven. Love Forever!

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