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Memories of Trolo
Trolo was the love of my life, he came to me in a time of need. He loved me devotedly and I loved him, he was by best friend.I miss him so much. We walked every day, rain, snow, sleet or sun only on very hot and humid days did we make the walks very short but we walked. He loved every person and animal he meet and most everyone loved him back not a day someone did not yell out hello "Trolo". Of course he would have to run over and say hello give them a kiss if they wanted it or not. He was always ready to give you a kiss all you had to do was ask for one and they were so good, I miss my kisses. Oh how he loved to play with the Max's blue ring. Everytime we went in the backyard he wanted me to go next door and get Max's blue ring to let him have it to carry around to play with. I miss my boy so much. He would wait on the side porch at his window perch waiting for me to come home each and every day, he met me at the door with a bark and was ready to go for his daily walk. I would lay the harness out and he would stretch teasing me to put it on him a real game. He had places on the walk he would stop and look for friends either two legged or four he was known all over the neighborhood and oh how I miss my boy. My boy was a real water boy, you take out the hose and he was there wanted to run and get wet or drink from the hose, if there was a puddle Trolo was in the middle of that puddle the muddier the better, please let there be water for him to lay in. I miss my boy...We did have a few bad times a few mistakes but we loved each other so they did not matter after all. This last year he started with seizures and he gained weight but that did not stop him from running after that blue ring he and Max (his friend) loved to see who could get it first. Max let Trolo have it most of the time, thank you Max. Oh and his teeth did I tell you about those wonderful teeth or rather his fangs they made him so special but Trolo was special in so many ways. He understood every word I said, he loved me oh Trolo you really loved me, I thank you for all the joy and love you gave me I only hope you knew you were loved unconditionally. Trolo I miss you so much I don't know if I can take it..But somehow I will, you were worth every tear, I would love you again if I had it to do over.
Trolo died suddenly from an unknown heart problem. I was not ready to let him go, please take good care of my boy, I miss him so...Trolo I love you and I am sorry if I failed you in anyway. Know you are in my heart now and for always. There will never be another like my baby boy Trolo ever...I love you so very much, I miss my boy Trolo. I hope and pray Trolo has found Yoyo she left me 14 years ago, Trolo does love the ladies, so I am hoping they are running and playing together. Trolo I miss you....But I know now you are completely well and I see you running and playing doing all the things you like...do they have your favorite chews? How will I go on without you right now I don't see how but time will help but Trolo remember this you will always be in my heart never will I ever let you go. I love you so much and I miss you. Trolo I love you! Good-bye
9-30 TWO weeks since you left me. I miss you so, I send you a kiss and wish you were here.
10-6THREE weeks,I still miss you.I want so to hold you and kiss you just one more time.The weather is perfect for our walks makes me sad each evening that you are not here.Love you so.
10-13 FOUR weeks, found myself listening for you to run down the steps this morning, come around the corner and give me that look not to ever be again. Miss you so. 10-15 One month you've been gone. I miss having you here for walks or just playing or laying on porch I have to keep reminding myself you are whole & well happy & free. I love you so. 10-20 FIVE weeks it still feels like you just left, I keep wanting you back. I miss you, I am still lost without you. I love you!10-27 you have been gone SIX weeks today, I miss you so. My heart still hurts. But I am trying to go on,I have adopted from the county pound a little female shih tzu she has your color but she is so tiny. Her name is Ruby, Trolo thank you for trying to help me. You are my one and only little boy and I wish I had you here you would love Ruby and maybe you could help her she is so scared, it will take awhile before she knows she is safe. Trolo your mommie is trying...I love you so 11-3 SEVEN weeks can't believe you are gone, still think you are home waiting then I remember. Yes I got Ruby she is doing fine so very different from you, everyone says you sent her to me, I think you did. But I miss you still. I would love a kiss one more kiss...11-8 makes EIGHT weeks Trolo Why? 11-15- TWO months have come and gone I looked for you on Sunday, I miss you so...Ruby is trying so hard but so far nothing, still empty. I love you and miss you so much just one more time I would love to hold you, kiss you touch you just know you are here. Never is a long time forever is hard to believe..I love you so...Here I am at Thanksgiving without you which will make TEN weeks, I am still trying to adjust to life without you. Ruby is helping and I think I am helping her she is such a scared little girl wish you were here to help her and me. The leaves are falling I know how you loved them, Ruby not so much. Everyone I see on our walks have heard what happened and they all miss you, oh baby life is just not the same without. Love you so much. 12-28 almost 15 wks gone. Thanksgiving was oh so lonely without you. Doing leaves was a job not play, Ruby and I just do not have the same connection we had, I am still lost without you. Christmas was just another day now another year coming up. Trolo I miss you each day, I love you still. 1-27-12 it has been a very long 134 days without you, not one day has gone by that you were not on my mind, yesterday and today have been very hard for me not sure why, I miss you so much...3-15-12 6 mos have past since last I held you, I still ache for you. This pain is not going away...I love you so much...5-22-12 250 days is there no end to the missing you? 8-27 getting closer to the 1 yr. miss you still. 9-14-12 1 year tomorrow I lost you and baby not a day goes by that I do not miss you dearly...I am glad you are healthy and happy. I miss you so. 9-16-13 Another yr without you, I still miss you so much, still wondering why you had to leave me so quickly. Love you still you are my one and only baby boy. 4-30-14 Still missing you so.9-15-14 3 yrs Miss you each day, can't seem to let you go. LOVE YOU Here I am another year 9-15-15 gone for 4yrs. and still I miss you so much. Love you my baby boy more than words can ever say.9-15-16 5 yrs, love you still my baby boy. You will never leave me never....Hey baby 8 years later and I still miss you so much...11 yrs and my heart still aches for you oh baby I miss you so much
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