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My Dear Tasha, My sweet, precious baby boy --- I love you so much! I hope that you saw the Rainbow, just as I said you would, in your final moments, and that you are running and playing at Rainbow Bridge now! I've always wanted the very best for you, Tasha. And last week, when I saw you struggling so much to "exist," I wanted your pain and suffering to end peacefully, my dear ... and I think you did too. I hope that I understood you correctly, and that you are at rest and at peace now, and feeling no more pain. I'm so, so sorry that you were so sick. I (and the vets) did everything in my/their power to help you feel better --- and I know that you fought as hard as your little body would let you too --- you showed me a tremendous will to live! I wish you could have stayed with me (physically) forever --- but that's just not the way it works, is it?!?! Thank you so much for being such a good boy with the needles, the fluids, the pills, the liquids, the food --- everything I gave you to make you feel better. You were a real trooper, Tasha! You brought so much joy and happiness to my life, Tasha ... and I hope you felt my love surround you every day! Remember how I would tell you every day that I loved you --- bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches!?!? That will never, ever change --- I still love you, Tasha, and you will always be in my heart, and I will always be in your heart!!! We had so much fun together, didn't we?!?!? You loved following me around the apartment --- jumping into the closet every chance you got, hiding under the bed, finding all those other hiding places around the apartment, chewing those plastic bags and ribbons and bows (when you could find them!), helping me on the computer desk, helping me get ready in the morning in the bathroom --- watching the water run and drinking the water, and getting the water on your head! (Mr. Wet Head!) I know that you loved watching the birds --- and you even got to see a few squirrels on the balcony! How cool was that!!! And you had so much fun outside on the balcony, feeling the breeze, listening to the sounds, smelling the air. And you loved the boxes that I brought home for you, didn't you?! And every day when I came home from work, you stood there, waiting for me to sit down so that you could lay and cuddle on my lap! And remember our special times of laying together on the couch?!? You made me feel so loved and so special, Tasha! We have a very special love --- a very special bond --- that not even this short physical separation will ever sever ... because you are forever a part of me -- your spirit will be with me forever! And guess what? I have sooooo many precious pictures of you to cherish and remember you by! I know, I know, I got a little camera crazy at times, didn't I?!? But you were always such a good sport --- and such a good subject to photograph, my beautiful baby boy!!! Your cute, adorable personality really shines thru on your pictures --- I'm so thankful to have them. I have so many great, great photos of my beautiful, proud, majestic boy!!! I can't wait to see you again, my precious Tasha, when we meet again and cross Rainbow Bridge together. In the meantime, have lots and lots of fun playing at Rainbow Bridge with all of your other animal friends. I am so happy that you have no more pain and suffering, and you have been restored to perfect health!!! I miss you so much ... and it hurts so much not having you with me. I love you so much, Tasha --- the pain of losing you seems overwhelming right now. But this Ending is a New Beginning for both of us ... and I know that in time, I will be OK and the sun will shine again!!! All my love, forever and for always, Your Momma, Maureen April 11, 2005 My dear baby boy, Today is the day, 13 years ago, that I picked you out amongst all the other cats at the Humane Society to come and live with me! How lucky I was!!! Happy Anniversary, Tasha! It is springtime here -- the weather is getting warmer and the birds are coming to the feeder on the balcony. I think of you everytime I look outside ... you just loved being outside on the balcony! I have such great memories -- and great pictures -- of you -- and us -- outside. Guess what? A part of you will be blooming in the flowers that I plant this spring ... I can't wait to see them! I still miss you so much, Tasha. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. You are in my heart -- and my life -- forever! I hope that you are running and playing and staying forever young and healthy, as I promised you -- at Rainbow Bridge. You know that you have ... All my love, forever and for always, Your Momma, Maureen October 11, 2005 Happy 14th Birthday, my sweet baby boy Tasha! Momma loves you and thinks about you EACH and EVERY day! I hope that you are doing well. I can't wait to see you and be together with you again! I know that you are with me ... every day, every minute, every second. I know that you have not left me ... and never will. I have finally finished putting all the photos in your scrapbook (but I have a feeling you knew that!) It turned out very special and beautiful, just like you! I could not resist taking the time to write to you today, your birthday. Remember how you loved going out on the balcony last fall?! I think of our special times together, like that, so often. Tears come to my eyes so often when I think of you too --I don't know if that will ever change ... Mom's a "crybaby", you know! LOL! My precious Tasha ... you are FOREVER in my heart. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, playing at Rainbow Bridge! My dear, sweet, precious baby boy! Peace and Love to you this special day, your birthday! All my love, forever and ever, Your Momma, Maureen December 23, 2005 My precious baby boy, today is the anniversary of your passing to Rainbow Bridge. I remember every second of that day -- how lovingly we spent our last precious hours, minutes, seconds together. I've learned a lot this year ... and grown a lot ... and though it's been very difficult to be without you, I know that you are happy and safe, and watching over me ... and anxiously waiting for the time when we see each other again! You know you are always in my heart .. and I in yours. Be well, my precious Tasha ... you will always be lovingly remembered and treasured. Your spirit lives in me! Peace and Love to you, this first special anniversary day of your passing. All my love, forever and ever, Your Momma, Maureen October 11, 2006 Happy 15th Birthday my precious baby boy! You and in my thoughts and prayers every day ... I miss you soooo much! It's easier now, to talk about you. I will love you forever! Have a wonderful day of fun, happiness, and play! Love always, your Momma, Maureen October 11, 2007 I've thought about you all day, Tasha -- Happy Sweet 16!!! Wow -- many changes are happening here -- I will be moving in a few months -- and you are coming with me, of course, everywhere I go, you are with me. The funny, ironic (and "psychotic") thing about this move is that it's because I wanted another kitty -- to honor you and your wishes for me, of course -- to "love another." You will always have that very special place in my heart, Tasha. I hope you are well and having LOTS of FUN at Rainbow Bridge -- Happy Birthday, my dear sweet baby boy! Love always, your Momma, Maureen 12/23/2011 The time is drawing near to when you went to Rainbow Bridge 7 years ago today. My life has changed so much in the past 7 years -- it is very stressful and chaotic right now. I wish you were here -- physically -- to comfort me. However, your memory comforts me and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to know you, my dear sweet precious boy! My friend, Nancy -- her furbaby dog, Kelly, went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday, so please look for her and take good care of her -- run and play with her! I think of you often; you are in my heart & soul forever. Merry Christmas, my precious Tasha! xo Mommie 12/23/2013 I can't believe it has been 9 years since you went to Rainbow Bridge, it seems like yesterday. I think of you often and miss you all the time. You should have another furbaby playmate of mine, Little Blackie, who joined you on September 26 -- a sudden departure from my physical life due to a heart condition. I know you found each other and are happy and playing together :-) My life is still chaotic, like it was a few years ago when I wrote. I wish you were physically here to comfort me, but I know I have you in my heart always. My baby boy, I love you. . . Merry Christmas!!! xo Mommie 12/23/2015 11 years ago today -- Wow! I remember every second of that day that we spent together like it was yesterday. Guess what? A baby kitty made it's way into our lives. He's feisty and playful -- he reminds me of you and your spirit! I know that you are keeping Dad company -- he joined you in spirit on July 4 of this year. You are always in my heart, Tasha . . I think of you every day! I love you bunches & bunches!!! xo Mommie 01/15/2021 You know what happened on the anniversary of your passing last month (17 years ago)? We adopted a kitten fur baby, his name is Nietzsche, and he's an American Bobtail. I still can't believe it. The love in my heart still is full of memories of you, Tasha, my first cat love. But I have found room for more fur babies too. Love you and think of you nearly every day. Spring is coming! xo Mommie

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