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Memories of Tia & Timmy
You will always be with us because you are in our hearts. The years keep passing by, but our thoughts and love for you never changes... miss you so... : ) . ) See Ya later kids! Be Good!... We always said that, when we left for work in the morning... Our two angels.. We miss you so very much but know we will see you again someday..You will remain in our hearts, forever. We love you and miss you. Tell Buddy we love him and give him hugs, and save some for yourselves. Please give Dottie hugs and keep her safe. Sweethearts we love you so, so much. ALL of our Baby's that have gone ahead of us. We can't wait to see you again some day. What a wonderful day that will be. Now, in the Spring of 2007, your son Fuzzy has joined you. You all must be having a wonderful reunion. You were both the sweetest parents to your babies. It was so wonderful to watch you with them all... Your Four boys...January 09,2009 GiGi has joined you. She is very shy. Take good care of her. July 3, 2012.. Hi sweethearts! Today Teddy passed on to Rainbows Bridge and by now I know you all have greeted him. He has a super sweet personality and loves everyone and everyone he meets love him. He is very silly and loves to play. He is also a real ladies man! We are so glad you have him now. Another fuzzy paws to play with and show around. WE love and miss all of you with all our hearts, and one day we will see you again.... our hearts will always remember.. Forever our hearts will care.. We'll never part with your memories.. They are with us everywhere.. Even during our busy times.. we find ourselves thinking of you.. And how much you meant to us.. We hope you always know.. Loving you and missing you very much... ALL OF OUR LOVE,Your Mommy's........Dear Teddy, It has been almost 3 months since you passed. I miss you so much I think of you every day. I try for happy thoughts of you and things that made us laugh. You were such a little bundle of black fur when we first saw you. So black it was hard to see your eyes in your fur.I bought you for Susan, but you decided I belonged to you. You were my boss and we all knew it. I had to ask the trainer of your puppy class how to get you to realize I was in charge of YOU.. That was a good laugh. One time you had made me angry with you and you hid under the rattan chair and when I picked up the chair your little dark eyes bugged out. I think it was that moment when you realized I was stronger then you, but you still bossed me around. I would come out to watch TV with you every night at 7:00 If I didn't you would go sit in the living room and bark until I came out.You were such a good watch dog! You had such a big deep bark for a little dog. I have not had a good nights sleep since you left. You were to ill to save and I am sorry for that.I love and miss you. Love Mama Judy ..... My darling Tia & Timmy, As long as our hearts remember, our hearts will always care, We'll never part with your memories. They are with us everywhere. There are so many times we think of you ..and how much you mean to us. Love & Hugs, Mama Susan & Judy..... Happy Birthday Teddy January 15th

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