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Memories of Toby Larice
Our darling Toby, our son, loved and adored more than life and missed more than words can tell. Momma promises never to leave you and will see you again, please wait for us at Rainbows Bridge and have fun in your new world.Toby you were so very brave fighting that horrible tumor in your tummy and your enlarged heart and it broke our hearts to have to take you to Rainbows Bridge; we wanted to have you here with us forever and know that you now have Eternal Life at the bridge. We miss you so much and the house is so empty without you although we can feel your spirit with us. The memories you left here and the things I miss most are the sound of your collar as you walked down the hall, your smell, how you loved to eat, how you loved to greet Papa at the door when he came home from work with kisses, your bark, how much you loved everyone and never, ever in your young life did you ever growl at anyone. What a little charmer you were and such a flirt; who could resist you???? I bet you are really charming the little ladies at the bridge. I miss seeing you run around on the front lawn with your ears flying in the wind, how happy you were. You were so good, so perfect and our tears are because we miss you so much.....Hugs and kisses from your Momma and Papa........We will see you again our precious angel, wait for us...Please take care of Thumper, Gabby, Muffy, Scottie, Squirt and Diana...11-7-02, Hi Sweetheart, it's been one month since you went to the bridge and my heart still bleeds from your departure. Papa and Momma miss you more than you could ever know. We take comfort in knowing that we will see you again one day; knowing that we will have your kisses on our noses again and see your tail wagging. God bless you our angel and thank you for being in our lives......Hi sweetheart, today is 1-7-03 and we are missing you as much as ever. The holidays were not the same with you not here; everyone missed you. Please kiss Danny and Noel as they are gone now too. I cannot wait to see you my little love, please be patient and wait for me. Mommy and Daddy miss you with all our hearts....Happy Birthday our little love. Today you would have been 12 years old on this Valentine's Day. We miss you tremendously and talk to you always. Our hearts still bleed for you. Hugs and kisses sweetheart...Hi Toby sweetheart, it's been 6 mos. since you left us and we miss you so much. We have a new little sister for you. Her name is Sophie and she is 4 mos. old. We have had her for 1 wk. You would love her Toby. Now you must be her guardian angel and always watch over her. She does not take your place, no one ever could.She just fills our lonely days now since you have left. Be happy our darling son and wait for Mommy and Papa, as we will see you again one day...Oct. 7, 2003: My sweet son, it has been one year since you left us and my heart still aches for you, our perfect, perfect little dog.No one will ever replace you and I pray you are waiting for Mommy and Papa, as we will see you again and cross the bridge together as a family. Sophie continues to grow and learn and is very lovable and good. Could you please watch over her and be her guardian angel until we all meet again one day at the bridge. We send you hugs and kisses sweetheart. Love, Mommy and Papa and Sophie...11-7-04; Toby can you hear me?? It's been 2 years now since you left us and I talk to you every day and miss you still so much that my heart aches for you and your beautiful presence. I will see you again, please wait for me and Papa and Sophie. Hugs and kisses from Mommy, Papa and your little sister Sophie, until we meet again.....5/04/05: Hi little angel, well I sure hope you welcomed Hobbie to heaven and gave her a huge hug and hope you will watch over her. She entered heaven on 4/30/05 because she was very old, 17 years and very ill. So please watch over her my sweet little son Toby...how we miss you!!! Always in our hearts and prayers we send you our love. Mommy and Papa...10/07/05 Hello sweetheart, you've been gone for 3 yrs. now and are missed more than ever; always in our hearts..til we meet again, we send you hugs and kisses, love from momma and papa. Hello Toby, are you having fun there in Heaven with your brothers and sisters? I bet you are. You now have another sister to play with. Sophie entered Heaven on Nov. 9 2011, is now at peace and so happy to see you and the others. Watch over her my sweetheart, love her and keep her company. We miss you all and will see you soon. Love forever your Mamma and Papa.

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