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Memories of ASHLEY
We have too many memories to list them all but the best memory of all is the way you looked at me with those beautiful eyes. They were so filled with trust and love that nothing can ever take that memory away. LOVE YOU. It has only been a few hours since you've been gone and this house is too lonely. Your brother and sisters miss you as well as me and daddy. I hope you are happy and healthy again and playing with Lady and Mercy. My life will never be the same without you. I hardly remember life without you. I love you and miss you. 7/03/03 Tomorrow is your birthday. I hope you can see the fireworks from heaven. Love Mommy 7/04/03 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY. Today won't be the same without the crazy firework chasing doggy. I hope you enjoy your birthday cake!! I MISS YOU MY LOVER GIRL> 7/05/03 We went to the beach yesterday on your boat. There was noone chasing the waves away but I know you were there with us. "Im glad for all the good times cause you brought me so much sunshine, love was the best it's ever been. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, wouldn't have missed loving you girl, you made my whole life worth while with your smile. I wouldn't trade one memory cause you mean too much to me even though I lost you girl, I WOULDN'T HAVE MISSED IT FOR THE WORLD!! I LOVE YOU. I cry myself to sleep everynight and there is noone to lick my tears away. I am just happy that you are better again. I miss you more every day. Love Mommy 7/14/03 "Got a picture of you I carry in my heart. Close my eyes and see it when the world gets dark. Got a memory of you I carry in my soul. I wrap it close around me when the nights get cold. If you ask me how I'm doing I'd say just fine, but the truth is baby if you could read my mind...Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, after all this time you're still with me its true. Somehow you remain locked so deep inside.....Baby oh baby not a day goes by. And it still amazes me that I lie here in the dark, wishing you were next to me with your head against my heart. Minutes turn to hours and the hours to days, seems its been forever that I've felt this way!!!!! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. If you could only see how much i miss you. Baby, I need you to lick my tears now and you are not here. But I know you are watching me from heaven. Everything is so different without you and i always look for you and your are not there. You were always there for me and god I KNEW IT. I love you Ashley and you are in my thoughts and heart every day. I hope you can see that. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU. Every morning when I wake up I look at your couch and it seems so empty. I hope you made friends in heaven. Cody and Candy are different since you have been gone. They just want to be close to me all the time. I could never forget the one that made my life worth living and you did every day. You are the reason I woke up in the morning and I know that we have other dogs but you weren't a dog. You were my child!!!! You still are my baby. Every now and then, soft as breath upon my skin, I feel you come back again and it's like you haven't been gone a moment from my side like the tears were never cried like the hands of time were holding you and me And with all my heart I'm sure we're closer than we ever were I don't have to hear or see, I have all the proof i need There are more than angels watching over me I believe. Now when you die your life goes on it dosn't end here when you are gone every soul is filled with light It never ends if I'm right, Our love can even reach across eternity, I believe. Forever your a part of me forever in the heart of me I will hold you even longer if i can. Last night I had a crazy dream, a wish was granted just for me, it could be for anything. I didn't wish for money or a mansion in malibu I simply wished for one more day with you. one more day one more time one more sunset maybe i'd be satisfied but then again I know what it would do, Leave me wishing still for one more day with you. First thing i'd do is pray for time to crawl I'd unplug the telephone keep the tv off I'd hold you every second, Say a million I love you's Thats what i'd do with one more day with you!!!!!!ONE MORE DAY ONE MORE TIME. What is happening to me, crazy some would say, where is my friend when i need you most gone away But I wont cry for yesterday there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find and as I try to make my way to the ordinary world I will learn to survive.Every day that I see Roast Beef I remember how gentle you were with her. You were the only dog she didn't run away from. She loved you just like everyone else who had the opportunity to know you. Ash you were the best in the world. HOLDING YOU, I'D HELD EVERYTHING. There was nothing else in this world like you. I hope you know how very special you were and still are because you are with me everywhere i go!!!!! After all this time I still miss you every day The same world spins round I guess somethings never change. Sometimes I go out but it never feels the same, I still look for you Baby somethings never change. When I said I'd love you for eternity, I just never knew how true those words would be Just an old love song Just the mention of your name My heart breaks in two again. Maybe someday someone else will set me free Until then I'll live your loves legacy. Girl i'm still in love with you. It's that feeling that someone is standing behind me and i turn around and there is noone there. Your memories like a ghost and my heart is its host,I can still feel you just as close as skin every now and then, All by myself in a crowded room or my empty bed There's a place you've touched with your love noone gets close to I can still feel you. In everything that moves In everything I do I can still feel you. I've got the lights turned up the door is locked the bedroom tv's on Doing the only thing that gets me through the night since you've been gone, Praying for daylight waiting for that morning sun so I can act like my whole life aint going wrong!!! I miss you sitting in the car next to me and our walks in the park. Everything is different without you here. You were the most special thing that I have ever had and now a piece of me is missing. But I know you are in a better place(wish I could be with you)I will see you again I promise you just hang in there and have fun until that day. Halloween is coming, you know that holiday when mommy would dress you up and parade you around house to house for some treats. I will never forget the way you would look at me when i would paint your face and put those clothes on you but you would always be patient and trusting. I am going to miss that this year and for years to come, But i did put a picture of you in our holiday ad with your costume on and everyone loves it. You were the best and always will be. 11/14/03 I had a dream the other night. It was so real you came running back into the bedroom and into my arms and I got to hold you again. Thank you I love you 11/26/03 Well baby I hope you are getting all the turkey you want for thanksgiving just like you always used to. On this Thanksgiving I have 12 great years to be thankful for and they were some of the best years of my life because you were with me. You still are in my heart always. Happy Thanksgiving baby. I love you Christmas is a few days away. We put the tree up the other day and I couldn't find a more appropriate tree topper than your smiling face so I did some work on the computer and made it work. You look beautiful as always and when I walk in the room you are always there!!!!! Merry Christmas baby, and thank you for being there for us when Aussie got hit by that car. I know you were watching over us and helping her and it was a miracle that she is still with us to celebrate her 1st birthday today. I wish you were here with us but I know you will be there when we are all together celebrating... I love you and I hope you have a the best holiday! Florida wasn't the same without you. I know how you hated that ride but where we wound up was worth it in the end. It sure was different. I still think about you every day!! I guess that will never end and I actually hope it dosn't because you always make me smile!!! I've been thinking lately that if there is such a thing as a doggy soul mate, boy you were it!! When It comes to love I've all but given up cause life means nothing without you. I've been trying to get over you but it will take dying to get it done. The one my heart and soul confided in, the one I felt the safest with, the one who know just what to do to make me laugh again I miss the colors that you brought into my life, that golden smile, those blue, brown eyes but most of all I miss MY FRIEND!!! 4/16--Baby please keep Cody company. You guys grew up together and are together again. Take care of him like he took care of us until I see you both again. I love you. 6/25- Hey sweetie! Your birthday is coming. It has been a long year without you. Pom Pom was really sick and could hardly move anymore. She was better off being where you are. She will be alot happier. Take care of her. You are the bestest baby girl, I love you 7/3/04 This is your weekend and It has been so lonely seeing all the fireworks without you but I know you are watching from heaven. I'll light some off for you tonight. I love you and miss you. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN!!!! Grandma wanted to wish you a Happy B-day too, they came over with Maxi today for your day. I hope you are seeing the fireworks in Heaven. They are all for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You're still my baby girl!Well I wanted to say thank you babe I entered your Halloween costume pic in a contest at PETCO and you won. I just wish you were here to eat all the dog food we won!!!! I love you and miss you still. 3/27/05 HAPPY EASTER SWEETIE WE MISS YOU. A day has yet to go by without you on my mind! Today is 2 years and I miss you just as much as day one. There will never be another like you and that I now know for a fact. You were the best. See any fireworks yet. Enjoy them baby they are for you!!!!!!! 7/04/05 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVER GIRL!!!!9/18/05 Just wanted to tell you that I still think about you every day. I love you and miss you so much!!!!! You are still my baby girl!!!!!12/10/05 Hey babygirl. Another holiday without you, but not really cause you are always with me. I love you Love mommy 6/21/06 first day of summer, your favorite time of year. your birthday is coming soon. mommy and daddy are moving soon but not far and i know you will be there with us too. Kiah is becoming alot like you although will never be the same she is pretty close. She reminds me of you all the time. I know you are here miss you and love you lots! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. I WILL BE THINKING OF YOU AND MISSING YOU ALL WEEKEND THE 4TH JUST AINT THE SAME WITHOUT THE FIREWORK DOGGIE! 7/4/06 Happy Birthday baby girl!! I love you and will be thinking of you all day long like always. I miss you still and forever!!! chase those fireworks today!! Still missing you.12/24/06 Merry Christmas sweetheart. Hope santa brings you everything you deserve. That would be anything you want! i love you and miss you sooo much. You are here with us on our tree! you are always in my heart! April 1, 2007: Candy is with you now. Please take care of her. She hadn't been doing well the past year and mommy and daddy decided it was time. I miss you way too much but i know you will be there for her I LOVE YOU BABY My Lover Dog......4 years ago today was the worst day of my life, but the 12 yrs that you gave me were the BEST! I miss you just as much as the day you left us and this week i will be missing you more! 2 more days till your birthday and i promise I will be sending you up some fireworks! July 4th, 2007...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! I HAVE A CANDLE LIT 4 U ALL DAY LONG! THINKING OF YOU AND MISSING YOU. TODAY ISN'T AS SPECIAL AS IT USED TO BE! 4/30/08 I've changed the presets in my truck so those old songs don't sneak up, they still find me and remind me, yeah you come back that easy, I've talked to friends I've talked to myself I've talked to God I prayed liked hell but I still miss you I tried sober I tried drinking I've been strong and I've been weak and I still miss you I've done everything move on like I'm supposed to I'd give anything for one more minute with you I still miss you I still miss you baby I never knew till you were gone how many pages you were on it never ends I keep turning and line after line and you are there again I dont know how to let you go you are so deep down in my soul, I feel helpless so hopeless its a door that never closes, no I don't know how to do this I still miss you. I havent forgotten about you and never will! Summer is around the corner and everytime the sprinklers come on I think about how funny you were chasing the water! We watched that video the other night. The more time that goes by the more I realize just how special you are to me and how much i really do miss you! WELL AFTER 5 YEARS I GUESS I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT THIS TIME OF YEAR SUCKS WITHOUT YOU AND THE MISSING YOU FEELIN IS NEVER GONNA GO AWAY! HAPPY 5 ANNIVERSARY IN HEAVEN! 2 MORE DAYS AND EVERYONE WILL BE CELEBRATING YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY LOVER GIRL! YOU WILL BE ON MY MIND ALL DAY AS I AM HEARING THE FIREWORKS. KIAH ACTUALLY WATCHED A FIREWORKS SHOW LAST NIGHT AND DIDN'T FREAK OUT. THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MORE THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE. 11/12/08 Well, it's been a tough few months. Hailey (our newest baby) was hit by a car 2 months ago and broke her leg. I know u were watching over her because she is coming along great and her bone is finally healing. THANK YOU Well nothings changed I still miss you like crazy. I LOVE YOU! 12/25/08 MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY. STILL AT THE TOP OF THE TREE! WHERE YOU BELONG JUST LIKE AN ANGEL! Miss u more than ever this time of year. But you are always with me! I LOVE YOU Just a little thank you, again. Hailey is all healed and playing with the other dogs again. I know you were up there helping her heal! Hey baby girl. 6/30/09 Ur big day is coming! I have the flags flying for you and there will be plenty of fireworks! I am still so missing you and I guess u are always in my heart because I cannot get you out of my mind. Missing you much. I love you girl! 7/02/09 GOD I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU SWEETIE. HAPPY 6TH YR IN HEAVEN! 7/04/09 HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN. I LIT YOUR CANDLE THISMORNING AND THEY ARE LIGHTING YOUR FAVORITES OFF TONIGHT! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE MY ANGEL IN HEAVEN! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH AROUND THIS TIME OF YEAR! You are our tree topper once again where u belong as an angel! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! 7/02/10- HAPPY 7TH YEAR AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE BABY! Still miss u like it was yesterday! That was and will always remain one of the saddest days in my life! Love you girl! 3/16/11-Sweet baby....please be waiting for Maxine today as she will be coming to stay in heaven with you. I love you and miss you! Happy 8th year at the bridge baby! Still missing you like the day you left us...I will be thinking of you tonight when i hear the big booms and lights in the sky. You will always be my baby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! Merry Christmas my love! You are at the top of the tree again as our Angel! I miss you sooo much and keep you in my heart with me where ever I go! Miss you more than you will ever know. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and and even better New Year. Cannot wait to see you again lover girl! Happy 9th year at the Rainbow Bridge....Love you and miss you terribly girl! You were and always will by my Baby Girl! <3 7/01/13 Another year has passed n so much has happened and I have to say that is all because of your inspiration. We are doing great things for rescue and I am keeping you in my heart with every dime we raise and every dog we save. Tomorrow will be 10 years since I had to say goodbye and I still miss you like it was the first day! Love you Baby Girl! Happy Birthday Ashergirl! We are going to celebrate your day tonight and I am sure you will be chasing the fireworks too. Love you so much and miss you more than you will ever know! 6/30/14....firworks are starting and as always, I am thinking about you baby girl......miss you more than you will ever know. 7-02-14....feeling you today baby...way too many good things happening today, thank you 7-4-14 Happy Birthday beautiful baby girl. I know you are having a blast up there. Been thinking about you all day while the lunatics I have now havebeen chasing the noises all day. Love you so much and hope your having a beautiful day. Tomorrow will be 12 years since I said goodbye and it doesn't get any easier each year. I miss you so much and you were such an inspiration in my life I can only say thank you for that. I am sure that you look down from heaven each day and smile at this goofy little boy that we have now. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. You are etched in my heart and will be there forever. I still miss you more than I've ever missed anything in my life. I will be thinking about you all day. I love you 12 years since I last held you in my arms. 12 years since I saw that beautiful face. Asher, I so can't wait to see you again and give you a great big hug n kiss. 7/04/2015 happy Birthday Baby Girl! I just know you are going to have a great night. They are lighting them off for you baby. I love you. Going to watch the show and think about you tonight and all day, as always. 💜💜 10/26/15. Please be there to greet Mercedez baby. She left a huge hole in our hearts just as you did when you left us. She learned so much from you in the short time you were together so for that I thank you. 7/2/16. 13 years and it seems like a lifetime. I miss you so much baby girl. The next few days are yours! Enjoy the fireworks with Mercedez! That was one thing she learned from you.....fireworks are fun! I can not wait to see you again! I love you my Ashergirl!. ❤️ 7/02/17. Still missing you lovergirl. I picture you with Mercs just running around like lunatics chasing all the boomers. Happy times, as it should be. Will be thinking of you lots over the next few days. We got a new lil lunatic who now carries on your tradition of enjoying these days so thank you! You will always be my babygirl forever. 🇺🇸💥 7/02/2018. - 15 years Ash, still miss you as much as the day you left us but you left a legacy of firework chasing doggies. It is because of you that all of your sisters and brother have no fear come this time of year. You were the best and I will never forget that. I hope today and the rest of the week brings you nothing but beautiful lights and boomers, as Ty calls them. ❤️ 7/02/2019. Hi lovergirl! Happy 16th Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge. I still think about you daily. Lots has changed in our lives but the one thing that always remains is our memories of you. I will never forget how much of an inspiration you were and still are. I love you still and always will! 2 more days till your fireworks shows! ❤️💜🌈 💥 7/02/20.....today is 17 years since I have seen your beautiful face and heard your sweet voice! I hope you know the impact you made on my life and how much of an inspiration you were and still are! I miss you like crazy and will never stop loving you sweet girl. Happy Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge! 7-2-22: 19 years ago my world was taken from me. Happy Angelversary Ashergirl. Mommy misses you more than you will ever know. ❤️
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