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Memories of Azland Hops-A-Lot
I remember the first day I brought you home and every day to the day you passed. You were my best friend and never left my side. You were there to help me work, to help me craft, to help with projects and to keep me company. You woke each day with excitement for the next adventure. You loved everyday and lived it to the fullest. You could read me like a book and knew just what I needed to get through the day, whether it was a head-bump, a nibble, a cuddle or a nap buddy. I remember how you would lead me to where we kept your leash and demand a walk outside. I remember how you loved the garden and our back yard. How you would go through and smell each flower and finally settle near your daisies. How you would play in the grass and jump to catch a dragonfly. How you loved to sun that belly, lying in your perch for hours belly-up. I will never forget you sitting on my lap or lying on my legs to help with my fibromyalgia pain. You would just look at me with those big beautiful eyes, give me lovey blinks and purr as if you were telling me the pain would pass. You were such a happy cat, whiskers forward and full of purrs. You were always so soft and shiny. I will never forget you, will miss you forever and hold you in my heart little buddy. You were my Chubba Man, my little doodle.

Hey good lookin'
Whatcha got cookin'
Chubba sauce and sassy ass tonight!!!

4/26/20--Hey my little buddy. I have been thinking about you all day, I miss you so much. I know you are no longer in any pain and that makes me happy but you were taken from my life too soon. I have such a void in my heart, my joy is gone. Today was my birthday, and I was thinking how much you loved to play in the boxes after gifts were opened. Looking up at me and meowing your Chubba meow until you got your Chubba-Train ride. You made every day awesome, I cannot wait until we are together again. I love you doodle!
5/7/20--Hey doodle! Today marks 1 month since you got your wings. Every corner of the house has memories of you and it breaks my heart to be here without you. I wish you had given a sign on how sick you were so we could have gotten you treatment, I am so sorry I did not pick up on the fact that you were not well--you were such a tough little guy. We picked up a Gardenia plant last week for the front garden, I just know you would have loved to smell the blooms. We have had lots of critters visit the garden at night, I know you would have enjoyed watching them from the window--letting out your critter cackle as if you were telling me to let you out to play. Life will never be the same with you gone, I dream about us being together again and look forward to that day. I love you my little man, I think about you all the time and miss you so much!
5/14/20--Hi Chubba man! I have been thinking about you a lot today, missing you a ton. It is still so hard to believe you are gone, will the emptiness in my heart ever go away? Tulip has been doing her best to give me the love and attention you always did, she misses you terribly. She is so terribly lonely, she still looks for you and calls out most nights since Thomas and Littles don't really pay her much attention. It has helped having her around, she picked up so many of your traits in the 2 years you were together. You were such a good big brother to her. I love you doodle and hope you are having fun at the rainbow bridge, can't wait to see you again!
6/7/20--Hey Doodle. I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten you. It has been 2 months since you got your wings and I think about you everyday and miss you so much! You were the light of my life, little buddy. The way you got under my skin and into my heart will never be forgotten or replaced. "One of a kind" is the only way to put you into words, the best friend anyone or anything could ever ask for. It is still so strange not having you under foot, always nearby-I see you in every corner of this house and that makes me cry but also brings a smile to my face. I have been working in the garden, getting new flowers planted. Each time I go to buy some new ones, I try to find ones I know you would love to smell and hang out by. I have not been able to find any daisies yet, but will get a patch planted as soon as I do--even if I have to order them online. I know how you loved them so, which is so special to me since they have always been my favorite flower. One can never be sad looking at daisies...such happy little flowers. I envision you running in the fields at the rainbow bridge until you are just wiped out and then finding a patch of daisies to rest under for a long nap.
We adopted a rescue buddy for Tulip, we have renamed him Q-bert Hops-A-Lot. Of course he is a black cat, cuz black cats rule! He shares so many of your personality traits...a ball of energy that loves to go go go. He is proof that you were the kitten that never grew up, at 12 years old you were still running around the house like a little kitten--enjoying every minute of your day. I tell him about you everyday, how awesome you were and how much we love you.
I cannot wait until we are together again, our world is not the same with you gone. For a little ball of fur to be able to come into our lives and make such an impact really shows how special you are!! I love you dude, you are part of my heartbeat.
7/7/20--Hi my Little Man! I just wanted to spend a bit of time with you today, it has been 3 months since you got your wings. I think about you everyday and miss you so much, you were such a big part of what made us a family. The joy you brought was amazing, we knew you were special each and every day you were with us. No matter what, you were always there for me...knowing just what I needed to get through that moment in time. I have needed you so much these past weeks, there is nothing else in this world that can calm me the way you did. I feel so incomplete, I cannot wait until we are together again so I can be whole. Until that day, it brings me peace to know you are pain free and in a place full of love and packed with new friends to help you pass the time. It does make me happy knowing you are there with your big sis, I know she is keeping you close by. I see you both in my dreams and cannot wait to cover you in kisses! I love you little monkey man, never forget that!
Oh yeah, I wanted to let you know that someone in France purchased one of your pictures in the form of a throw pillow! You are traveling the world little buddy, touching the hearts of the many that know "Black Cats Rule"! :)
8/7/20- Oh my buddy, I miss you so much. Each day I watch our little Doodle, he reminds me what an awesome cat and friend you were. You were the most amazing cat and I love you so much. It is so hard to believe that 4 months have already passed. I have missed you each and every minute of all the days in those months and cannot wait until I see you again. I have been remembering your kitten years lately...how you loved to run around the house dragging your pompom around. How you played until you just fell over gassed. I have a new favorite thing...I got one of your pictures printed onto a face mask for COVID-19 protection, I wear it everywhere and each time I go out (which is not that often), someone asks about you. It makes me so happy to tell them a little about you and share some of your antics. You made each day a blast. I just hope you knew how loved you were when you were with us. I want you to know that no expense would have been spared to keep you with us if we had known you were ill. You just did not give us any signs...or maybe it was because Bobo and Thomas demanded so much attention with their UTI and IBS that we did not see. I am so sorry buddy, I hope you did not expereience a lot of pain. My heart breaks each time I think of you being sick. I would have given my life to be sure you were in no pain. Please know that. I love you so much, your memory still gets me through the day.
9/7/20-Hi my little Chubba. I cannot believe today marks 5 months, my heart still feels like it was yesterday. I had a dream the other night that you and Butt-Butt were running through the daisies and laying in the sun. It made me feel so at peace but I woke up wishing I was with you both. This world is just not the same with you gone and nothing means as much as it did when you were here to share it with me. I wear my Chubba Covid mask everytime I go out, you would be so happy to hear the comments I get on how beautiful a cat they think you are. It makes me smile to tell them a little about you and that they notice my handsome little dude as much as they do! I am going to get a couple more masks made- one with you in your Jester hat and one with you in the Christmas tree. I figure those will be great to wear for October and December. It's a way for me to keep you with me buddy. I love you so much buddy. Please keep watch over Thomas, he has developed diabetes and is not doing well. Because he is not doing well, your dad isn't either. I know you will do your best to will him back to healthy but if something should happen to him, please meet him at the bridge and keep him close by. I love you Little Man, you are still the light of my life and I cannot wait to see you again. Play hard and know I miss you.
10/7/20- Hi my little dude, I cannot believe today marks 6 months since you left this earth. I miss you so much and my heart still breaks everyday. Everyone says "Life goes on" and that is true but I look at each day that passes as putting me one day closer to being with you again. That keeps me going and I look so forward to seeing you again. I was looking at pictures the other day and came across a series of you working with me while auditing files. You needed me so much at that time, you were so little. Seeing the one at the end of the series where you were wrapped up in a homemade papoose, sleeping and content, made me smile. You were my best buddy for 12 years and I cherish each day you were in my life. I love you and always will buddy...you taught me so much.
11/7/20-Hey buddyman! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am thinking about you today, as I do everyday. I miss you so much and wish you were here. I forgot to tell you last month that you are a world traveler and loved in 2 countries, someone from France got a pillow case of your beautiful face. You are now on masks and furniture accessories and it makes me so happy to think that someone else saw your picture and decided you were perfect. I love you buddy!
12/7/20- Hey Little Man! How is today 8 months since you left for the rainbow? I miss you so much. Decorating the tree and putting out the other Christmas decorations was just not the same this year. Knowing how much you loved Christmas was always something I looked forward to. I hung your stocking and put the metal tree up by your ashes so you would have Christmas near you. I love looking at that corner of the house hoping you can see it from the rainbow. I can't wait to celebrate with you again...when we are together, I promise everyday will be Christmas! I love you buddy, Merry Christmas.
1/7/21- Hey Chubba Man! I want you to know we missed you at Christmas, the holiday will never be the same with you gone. You were the best cat/friend I could have ever wished for. We hung your stocking by your ashes, I hope you felt our love for you. I miss you so much, Little Buddy...
2/7/21- Hi buddy! This month hit me hard, how has it been 10 months? I think of you everyday and miss you so much. Even though the house is still full of kitties, it is amazingly empty without you. I wish we were together and cannot wait to see you again. I promise when that day comes, I will never leave your side. I love you so much little dude.
4/7/21-Oh buddy, how has it been a year?! I miss you so much but want you to know that you are still a very big part of my life! I think about you every day and cannot wait until we are together again. I think about you running around the Rainbow Bridge with Butt-Butt Coconut, just having a blast and that brings a smile to my face. You are the best friend I ever had, little dude. I know BBC felt the same way and am happy the 2 of you are together waiting for me to join you. I love you buddy, miss you terribly and think of you often.

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