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6-0-2021 Well little man, cannot believe it's been 3 years since you left us. There is a huge hole that still exists, but I can still feel you on your little pillow at night, reaching your tiny paw over to say goodnight. :) You were always mama's boy and your pack misses you dearly. We have a new little rescue boy, Jack. I tell him all about you and what a good boy you were. He listens intently and I know he would have loved playing with you as much as Diego did. We'll all see you and Bean again. Keep each other company until then! We love you angel man. Always and forever!

6-19-2018 Bentley was a little rescue. He was 15 years old and in horrible shape when rescued. The shelter worker said to the rescuer TWICE "Are you sure you want to bother with that little dog. Not that I wish him ill will but he's not going to make it 6 months." My rescue guy said "yes, he's worth it." And he was!!! I had him 5 1/2 years, he passed at 18 years and he was the love of my life. His work on this earth was finished, and he did it brilliantly...loving his mama. In the end his little body just gave up. I still feel his little spirit and energy around me. It makes me peaceful knowing he is finally at peace. No more medication he didn't want, no more needle sticks, no more vet visits - just perfect peace and rest. You deserve it old man - you earned your way to the Rainbow Bridge. I'll see you again Bentley You are loved and always will be.

6-28-2018 Darling angel boy, it has been over a week now since you had to leave us and yet your presence is still so strong. We feel your little spirit all around us and it is peaceful, so we are at peace knowing you are in a wonderful place. We love your little visits to let us know you are still with us, but know also you love to return to the Rainbow Bridge for playtime. So many lovely, lovely people have left messages for you. They promise their own angels are there to be with you - so you have lots of kitties to cuddle with, lots of precious pups to play with and all manner of beautiful little creatures who have also passed are there. You were always the little social butterfly so I know you love all this attention and playtime! Please stay OUT of the cat food - it's not dessert remember! I love you more than you know (although I think you do) and I know you're a good boy. Continue to heal and be peaceful. No matter how long you're away, mama loves you eternally. xoxoxo

7-16-2018 Hello precious boy. It has been 5 weeks on Tuesday since you left me. But you didn't really leave at all, just your tired, sick little body. YOU are still here with me, I can feel you everywhere - following me down the hallway, sitting like a good boy waiting patiently for your breakfast, then twirling around like a little whirling dervish when I was going to set your bowl down. Oh how you LOVED your food! And treats! And toys! You are such a good angel and I know you've made lots of friends and playmates at the Bridge. You know you remain in my heart like a tiny thread of sunshine beaming right through. I love that you come to me in my dreams and you look so spiffy and healthy - big smile on that little face. You are loved and will always be loved so much. We miss you angel - but know you are here. Sleeping under my desk with Bean while I work. Bean misses you too! He's sad you're not physically here with him but I think he senses you are there nonetheless! Smooches. x0x0x0x0

10-7-2018 Well little man, you've been gone nearly 4 months now. So hard to believe. I was watching one of your videos yesterday and smiling with joy. You were so cute with such a BIG personality in that tiny little Chiweenie body! :) I miss you so much but feel peaceful as I know you are now at peace and no longer suffering. You were such a stoic little man - our hero. I found your photo of you with your FAVORITE toy - Mr. Lion. I have him sitting on your pillow where you used to sleep right next to me. Mr. Lion is a good guardian of your pillow - none of the other pups will go near it! LOL - they know better. Love you angel, we miss you dearly. Mama and the Gang

5-10-2019 - Hi little angel. Well I guess you know that your precious pal Bean is now with you! We released him on Wednesday and we told him that you would be waiting for him. You know how much he missed you since you've been gone. You were his sleeping buddy and he so grieved for you when you passed over. But now the two of you are re-united and I am so happy that your best friend all those years has now joined you. You know how much Bean loves running and playing! Now you both can play again and chew your little bones side-by-side like you used to. I miss you both so much. It's overwhelming grief at times, but now knowing you are re-united makes my heart just sing with joy. I love you both. You are never far from my thoughts and ALWAYS in my heart - where you belong. Until I see you both again, know that mama loves her boys. God bless you both.

6-19-2019- Well old man it's been a year today since you've been gone - but you are NEVER far away from me and you're always in my heart. Bean joined you last month - your beloved sleeping buddy! I know he was so happy to see you again and it gives me peace and joy knowing you are both together again. It's like yesterday you left - I still can't believe it but your photo is next to me as I write this - your smiling, happy-go-lucky face and big boy attitude (even though you do know you were only 5 lbs right)??? :) I love you so much and I know my love carries over to you. Take good care of Bean - he always depended on you! Mama loves you both so much.

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