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Memories of Boozer
A decade or so ago, by the grace of God, a loving little ball of energy named Boozer came into my life. I remember the day as clearly as yesterday. He hopped out of my friend's truck for what was meant to be a short stay, curious as ever, as he came to our front door. I loved him from the moment I saw him. We formed a bond together. God meant for this to be, I believe. Circumstances would see him become mine forever; and me, his.

As years passed, we shared walks along the river and trails together. Those are wonderful memories to me. There was the summer camping trip we went on where we spent time under the stars. I remember all of the car rides. Oh how he seemed to love the car, always with his nose to the air, taking in the scents, I assume. There were all the wonderful Christmases and Birthdays, the cuddles on the couch and in the bed, the kisses and hugs. It was always comforting the way he would lay pressed against me. He made friends wherever he went, bringing smiles to strangers and friend alike.

God showed me the meaning of unconditional love, selflessness and joy through this precious guy. He helped me not to be so quick to anger, and how to care for one of God's creatures.

On June 11th, 2019, I lost my best friend. Words cannot express the pain. While looking for ways to deal with the grief, which I do a lot now, I heard someone say, "we say our pets are like family, but our pets are family." This may be one of the truest statements I've ever heard. Boozer is, and will forever be part of my family. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because I miss him so. I'd have given anything of myself to have more time with him. I am thankful for the blessing of time I had with him while he was here on Earth, though.

If I could have just a few more minutes with him I would tell him, "Thank you for the companionship you have given me over the years, my loyal and caring friend. I love you, and will always love you. You will forever be in my heart. I don't want you to go, but I understand you must. I will live on, always thinking fondly of our time together, and trying to be the best person I can be while taking care of your daughter. I trust in God and his promise of Heaven, and I hope to see you again one day there, Boozer, with a spring in your step and excitement in your eyes, surrounded by all my loved ones."

Luke 3:6 'And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.'

06/18/19- It's been a week now since I've lost you, Boozer. I miss you with all my heart. Not a day goes by that I don't cry for you. I feel as if I let you down for not noticing a sign you needed my help, even if you may have tried to hide your pain, had there been any. Without you I feel so lost and confused. You were my faithful companion. I bought a locket to put some of your fur in which I will wear around my neck to always have a piece of you with me physically along with the memories we shared. I talk to your cremains in hope your soul can hear me. I love you, Boozer. I will always love you.

06/25/19- Two weeks have passed since we were last able to share time together, Boozer, and I still miss you so. I search for signs of you everywhere and keep you in my prayers. I saw a cloud in the sky the other day which looked like your head. I'd like to think and hope it was you watching me from afar, trying to comfort me during my time of grief. I made a memorial for you, and placed your ashes along with some pictures of you, and some pictures of us together in it, with some of your favorite toys because you mean so much to me. I wish we had more time together, but I will forever cherish the time we had until we can one day hopefully see each other again for eternity. I love you, Boozer!

07/02/19- Three weeks have now gone by and the calendar has flipped since you've passed, my friend, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss you. Thoughts of you and the hope and belief that I'll see you again one day are what helps me cope with the grief. We won't ever have to be separated again then. So many people have written so many nice and heartwarming things about you on here, Boozer- it's very touching. I'm going to read them all to you, and I hope you'll be able to hear them. I love you so very, very much, Boozer!

07/09/19- It's been almost a full month now since you've passed, buddy. There's not a single part of my life that feels the same without you here. I wanted to take you on a trip this summer that I think you would've loved. It'd have been a four hour car ride, with plenty of nature- and smells! It breaks my heart that I can't now. Losing you still brings about a tremendous feeling of pain and sadness. I'm trying to focus on the good times we had though, and the hope and faith that we'll share more in spirit one day. I love you, Boozer. I can't put into words just how much because there just aren't words capable of expressing the amount of love I have for you. I hope you're running through some tall grass like a puppy waiting for me in heaven.

07/16/19- Hey, buddy. I wish you were still here with me. Even though you couldn't speak the way I speak, you were always there to listen. You've always been my support when times were tough. I miss that, and I miss you. I hope your spirit can still hear my words, and feel the love I send to you. I always mention you in prayer. I love you, Boozer, forever and ever.

07/23/19- Hey, Boozer! I'm thinking of you again today, as always. I often wonder what your little soul is doing. Being without you here in life is hard. I hope you're in heaven waiting on me, remembering the times we shared together and the memories we had; just as I do in this life here on Earth. I wish I could tell you how much I love you ten thousand more times, with a huge hug every time. I miss you tons, buddy. I love you, friend.

07/30/19- I've spent the week looking at pictures of you, Boozer, and remembering the times we shared together. I miss playing ball with you and watching you chase it around with the energy you had. It was adorable how you would get down in your "I want to play" pose, with your butt up in the air and your tail wagging. Those were such fun times, and I'll treasure those memories forever. I believe in my heart whatever you're doing right now, you're happy. I know there's no pain. When you miss me just know that I miss you too, and every day I think of you until we're hopefully reunited again. I love you, Boozer.

08/06/19- With every day that passes, I miss you more and more, Boozer. Life just isn't the same without you here. Each day when I wake I look at where you used to lay and I can still picture you there. I want you to still be there. I want for time to go on forever, as it was, with you by my side. I wish you could be part of everything I do. When you lose one of the biggest and best parts of your life it's hard to see how things will ever get better. I just hope you're still there with me and spirit, and that you're able to know the love I send to you in prayer, Boozer. I miss you, my friend.

08/13/19- They say time heals all wounds, but I've come to believe that's not entirely true. I miss you so much, Boozer- and that hurt, I just don't know how it heals. The hurt might lessen because I have faith you're in a good place, with the hope you'll be there waiting on me one day so that I can feel your love again. I'll never stop missing you though, buddy. I'll never stop loving you, Boozer. I'd never want to stop though. You were a perfect part of my life. Every time I go somewhere now that we visited together, you're in my memories. I wish I could still pull up to a drive-thru window and have someone ask if it's alright to feed you. I so want to have you waiting on me when I come home from work still, resting on the couch. You gave me 12 wonderful years, Boozer. I cannot express how grateful I am for those times. I thank God for those. I love you, Boozer. Thinking of you always, pal.

08/20/19- Hey, Boozer. I'm missing you so much, buddy. I made some chicken in the slow cooker the other day. The first time I've done that since you passed. The smell circulated, and I had to laugh at the way your daughter came running to sit on the floor below the pot, the way you used to, too. I miss that, and the way you'd look in the fridge, just as if you were a person, too. There are so many little moments that bring you to mind. You brought me so much joy, Boozer. I'm thankful for that. I love you, Boozer.

08/27/19- I've thought a lot about you this week, Boozer, as I usually do. Sometimes it's of the times we shared, and sometimes I sit and I wonder what your soul might be doing. I have faith that you're in Heaven, and I know God will provide you with all, as he does for all of his creations. I miss you in this life though, buddy. When I think back on the time we had, it just feels as if it went so fast. I wish your life, and the lives of all of our beloved animal companions could be longer. I love you, Boozer, with every ounce of my heart!

09/04/19- Today would've been your 12th birthday, my friend. This is one of the harder days I've had since you passed. I wasn't able to share a special treat with you, and the only birthday wishes I could send were to your spirit. It hurts. It hurts a lot. I want for you to still be here with me, the way times were. There are just moments in time you want to last forever. Your life was absolutely one. Years never feel so short until you're looking back on them in remembrance, when you're wishing so hard you had just another day, or another opportunity to tell you how much I love you, Boozer. I just hope your spirit can feel the love I still give. I'm going to carry you with me always, Boozer. Our bond was one that was truly special. People have told me how much it showed. Today I light a candle for you to celebrate your life, your birthday, and that bond we share. I love you, pal.

09/11/19- This marks the third month it's been since you crossed over into heaven, Boozer. These days are a little tougher because they're reminders of just how much time has passed since I last saw you alive, and was able to feel your warmth. You had such a special way about you. Your personality was so unique. I think that's part of why we became such good friends. We were two peas in a pod that way. Now I can only cling to the memories we shared. I promise you this though, Boozer- every day, for the rest of my days, I'm going to love you.

10/11/19- I uploaded some new photos of you today on here, buddy. I've been going through some old ones I had, and remembering all the good times we shared in them. I wish so hard you were still here with me in body. What do you do when all you want to do is give your best friend a hug, but you can't? I know you're in Heaven looking down on me though with those big brown eyes. I know you'll be waiting on me one day, Boozer. I know God is taking care of you, and I hope you're with those I've loved that passed from this life onto the next before you. I'm always going to keep you alive here, in my heart. You're so wonderful, Boozer. Thank you, God, for bringing this special dog into my life! I'd write you every day on here if I could, Boozer; but one day this page will run out of words. I'll always think of you every day though, pal. I love you, Boozer!

11/11/19- It's hard when I see the 11th come around on the calendar now, buddy. There's so much pain with it. I think about how it's been another week, or another month since you passed; and how those will eventually turn into years. And I know you're in Heaven, with God. There's comfort in the thought that you're somewhere glorious. I'm sure you have everything you could ever need, and are loved in a way words cannot describe. I'm always going to love you here in this life too, and I'm going to carry that love, and our memories together, with me until I hopefully can pick you up and give you a huge hug again one day in Heaven, Boozer. I'm going to be thinking about you every day, especially as the holidays come. I fear those will be rough. I hope you'll be watching down on me, and maybe I'll see a star shine just so, or a shape in the clouds, or see you in a dream; and I'll just hope that's you saying, "Hi." I love you, Boozer!! Miss you!!

12/25/19- Merry Christmas, Boozer! I love you so much. On a day when we gather with family and friends, it still feels weird to me that you're not here with me. It's been over a decade since I have woken up on a Christmas morning without you. You'll always be part of my family though, and always in my thoughts. I still have everything of yours', Boozer. I still wear a piece of jewelry with a bit of your fur in it around my neck, where it stays close to my heart. You're one of the most meaningful things in my life. I miss you. I hope, whatever you're doing in Heaven, you'll think of me, too.

02/03/20- Hello again, my friend. I hope you think of me while you're playing beyond the clouds above, in Heaven. I still think of you often, Boozer. I love you so, so much. I still see little signs of you, and the life you lived, around the house. There's the little smudges your nose left on the glass of the patio door, where you used to look out. I can't bring myself to wash those off. I don't want to. The house I have will always be our home, even if you're not here; because you're family to me, Boozer. You gave me so much through the years. Here in the middle of winter, I miss watching movies with you on the couch. I miss the way you used to talk to me, in your own dog speak. One day, Boozer, I hope to see you again. Love always, my friend!!

06/11/20- Hi, buddy! It's been a year since you crossed over into Heaven, and I miss you so very much, Boozer. I lit a candle for you today near the patio door, where I found you looking out. My heart is still a bit broken over losing you, but I carry on. I believe deep down that I'll see you again one day. I treasure our memories still, and look at your pictures often. I keep them by the bed because I always want you close to me. I love you so, so much. You were such a huge part of my life in this world for so long, and I'll never forget that. What you meant to me- I don't know how to put it into words. You touched my life, and my heart. I'm forever grateful for the gift that was your life on this Earth. I know the Lord is taking care of you, though. I hope you have friends to chase a rope with, and I'd imagine you do. I love you, boy!

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