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Memories of Buckwheat
4/9/2014 Was the worst day of my life! I miss you so much, that my heart feels like part of it was torn away. I know you never truely departed, as you have left your prints upon my heart.
My little man, I miss your snores, and toenail clicking on the floor, and more than anything I miss your singing of "I love you". Not a day goes by that I don't think and cry for you! You brought so much love, happiness and smiles to anyone who met you, and because we loved you so much, you truely enjoyed life itself, and all we have is lots of great memories with you.

As J.M Barrie quoted, "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themself." This is exactly what you did...
You touched many hearts!!! I miss you my dear little friend, my little pumpkin eater, and someday we will meet again, and I can hug, & kiss you and we can cross the bridge together. I love you!

4/18/14 Today I went to BBVA,and brought your urn home. Cathy cried with me, all the girls up
there loved you as much as I did. I am very lonely, but at least this completes knowing
you are back home, and puts my mind at ease a little. I still cant beleive you are not
here with me, following me around, waiting patiently at the crack of dawn for breakfast.
I love you, and miss you.

5/25/14 Well, my little one, another Sunday....
I kept thinking things are gonna get easier, but they are not. The only thing I know is
that you are in a better place, with angel wings, watching over me. I miss you so much and
nobody really understands the void in my heart. I love you my little pumpkin eater, and
miss you dearly.

5/26/14 Today is Memorial Day, and I am thinking greatly of you! The crabappple tree is in full
bloom, and I can picture you sitting on your bed under it. I hope that you have found
Barney Fife, Sammy and Tashi and Bailey and are playing happily in the meadow. I miss
and love you my little man. xxoo

5/27/14 Good morning, my little pumpkin eater. Today it is raining, like tears from heaven. Please
know in your heart that I may not visit here daily, but not a day, night or even minute
goes by that you are not in my thoughts. The girls at the deli were wondering why I hadn't
been in to get my 2 lbs. of liverwurst, (#8, 1 lb. each) I am so sad just thinking. You
were so special to me, and always will be. I am hoping that you are at peace where you are
and meeting all the other furbabies there, and running & playing in the meadow, stopping
once & a while, to smile down at me, with a greenie in your mouth.
My heart is still broken, but I know they say in time it will heal, but I know your
foortprints have been left on it. I love you my little man!

5/29/14 Hello my little man, this am the sun is out and shinning and went I went to the barn to
feed Cody, the steam was lifting from the ground, and the dewdrops on the grass blades
from the sun was twinkling and sparkling like your eyes used to do when you awoke each
morning. I miss you so much.I am waiting patiently for you to give me a sign, that you are
in my presence, however I am hoping that you are still making lots of new friends at the
Bridge, and running, and playing. Please don't forget about me...I love you.
As I mowed today, everytrip I made up around the porch, I looked up at always, hoping to
see your face, peeking at me between the porch rails as you always did.... it saddened my
heart as I kept thinking just maybe, just maybe (even though I knew) that I would
see your face. (like old times) I miss you like crazy my little pumpkin eater! :(

5/29/14 Tonight before I went to bed, I looked up into the sky and saw one lonely bright star
shining, it was the only one in the sky, and my thought was "it was you, my little man"
looking down upon me. As I gazed up,I talked to you a bit, then wished you a good night.
Sweet dreams my little man.....

When I look back on these times
And the dreams we left behind
I'll be glad 'cause I was blessed to get to have you in my life.

When I look back on these days
I'll look and see your face
You were right there for me

In my dreams I'll always see you soaring by the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you
For all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be
And everywhere I am there you'll be

You showed me how it feels
To feel the sky within my reach
And I always will remember all the strength you gave to me
Your love made me make it through
Oh I owe so much to you
You were right there for me

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you
For all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be

'Cause I always saw in you my light, my strength
And I want to thank you now for all the ways
You were right there for me
You were right there for me
For always

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you
For all my life

I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be
And everywhere I am there you'll be
There you'll be.

I love you my Buckwheat....

5/31/14 Today marks one week that you have had a residentcy at Rainbow Bridge. It doesn't
help my heart any, but here, I can tell you my thoughts. Hope you are meeting lots of
furbabies at the Bridge, and enjoying life up there. I still miss the heck outta you
my little man, and everyday seems like months. Will my heart ache ever heal? You
were my best friend, my life, and you loved unconditionally, and were always waiting for
me on your bed, with kisses, and ready for hugs. I miss you more than words can explain.
I love you my little pumpkin eater.

6/1/14 Good morning my little Buck... Another month is already here, and it is such a beautiful
sunny morning. I miss your presence on your bed with the sun hitting your sparkling eyes.
Love you little man.

6/3/14 Hello my little pumpkin eater. Today is another beautiful day, the sun is shining, the
birds are singing, and my heart wishes for you. At the Bridge, the days are always sunny,
and I hope that you are enjoying your stay there.You can't imagine the hurt my heart still
has. You were everything to me! I miss you, and really no one knows the hurt I have. Not
one minute goes by,that I am thinking of you, day & night. Last night, I cried for you
again. I know you knew how much love I had for you, and now it is still in my heart, but
there is a void still. I know your pawprints have been left in my heart, but its the little
things thru-out the day, that remind me of you, as you are everywhere here. I miss and love
you my little man. Spread your wings, and meet up with all the new furbabies. I hope that
you have found Quattro, and spread him your love too. Love you xxoo

6/6/14 Good morning my little man. I miss and love you, if only you knew how much. The mornings
are so lonely and quiet, and I keep looking down, watching out for you. I hope that at
Rainbow Bridge you are pain free and enjoying your time there. Please wait for me, and
Don't forget me. My world is so empty here without you.

If Tears Could Build A Stairway, and Memories a Lane
I'de walk, (well I'de run) Right Up To Heaven,
And Bring You Home Again.

I Love you My Little Buck xxoo

6/9/14 My Dearest Little Pumpkin Eater.....Today is 2 months since you have been at Rainbow Bridge.
I miss you just as much today, and I did 4/9/2014. My heart still cries for you, and I do
not think that is ever gonna chance. My thoughts of you are always in my mind and will be.
I still use your favorite blanket (the black one with the bones on it) over me at
night,as it gives me some sort of comfort knowing that you loved that blanket, and I made
for you. I am hoping that maybe one of your hairs is still attached and part of you is with
me. I want to thank you my little man for all the love, and the gift of friendship that we
shared. You taught lots of things in your lifetime, and not taking things for granted was
one of them. If only you knew how much and important you were in my life! The other night,
we were in the wood lot, sitting on the porch, and I looked up and was watching the clouds
drift by and believe it or not I saw you, you were sleeping on a white billowery pillow,
your eyes were closed, and you were so content. I had Father come look, and see to. It
took him a while to see what I was looking at, but then yes, he spotted it to. You looked
so peaceful then that big lump appeared in my thoat, and I cried some more. My little Buck,
oh how I wish you were here. Please know my heart still bleeds for you. Not a day goes by
that I dont think of you. You were my little angel here, now you are one of God's angels.
"When all our tears have reached the sea..
Part of you will live in me
Way down deep inside my heart
That's where our journey starts.
Deep as the rivers run, warm as the morning sun
Please remember me.
Remember me when you are out walking,
Late at night when you're not sleeping,
and the moonlight falls across your floor
Please remember me."
I love you my Little Pumkpin Eater, and wish I could just hug and kiss you one more time.
Love you Little man xxxxxoooooo love, momma

6/11/14 Good morning my little man........Oh, how I miss you. If only everyone could understand
the love and bond that we had. I cry every time I visit you, and one would think that I
have cried enough tears, that I would not have any left...
Please be patient and wait for me at the bridge, so we can make that journey crossing the
bridge together.
I love you Buckwheat and always will. xxoo

6/13/14 Hello my little man,I will make this short & sweet this morning. I go in for knee surgery
I have your picture with me, and you will be in my thoughts. Should something happen, I
will meet you at the Bridge, and please be waiting for me! I love you little man. xxoo

6/17/14 Good morning my little precious. Well, I came out of surgery fine, just hobbling around
a little bit, kinda reminds me of you. Oh, my little man I miss you so much, when will the
hurt ever stop, if it does? I just wanted you to know (even though I think you knew
already before us) that Father was now ready to get another puppy even though NOBODY will
ever replace YOU. I think he missed everything also, especially that I am very unhappy.
I hope that you can spread your love, down upon him, and know that he will enjoy your
toys as much as You did. I am hoping that somehow your traits will be in him, and you can
have him shower us with love like you did. I was kinda on the fence thinking, it is right,
and have thought long & hard, I know my love for you, (as still is) so please bless this
puppy. We have named him Vinny, and right now he is just 3 weeks old. I wish you were
here to teach him the ropes, and to sing "I love You" like you did. I hope that I am not
gonna be asking to much of this puppy, because I want you back here so badly. Oh, my
little man, you were so wonderful to us while here, and showered everyone with your love.
I am hoping that Vinny will be You in disquise! Please dont think, I will forget about you
as I visit you daily, and cry every time. You were so Special in my life, my Buckwheat,
words can't express. Just know, You are ALWAYS in my thoughts, and I think of you every
minute. Nobody knows the special bond that we shared, and my heart still feels that void.
I love you my little pumpkin eater. xxooo Momma

6/21/14 Hello my little man......Welcome to the first day of solice summer! This morning is was
definately your kind of weather, 61 and cool. I know at R.B. the days are always sunny,
and how much you loved to lay on your bed, and enjoy the sunshine. I think of you always
wishing you were still sitting in the chair next to my chair on the front porch. I miss
you more than anyone can imagine. Last night, I watched the clouds, hoping to see you
again, but you weren't there. I can feel your love in my heart, so I know deep down you
are with me, and will always be. I love you little pumpkin eater. xxooo

6/25/14 My Pumpkin Eater, I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you, and words can't explain
how much my heart still has a void. Please, give me a sign so that I know you have
not forgotten how loved you were here. I love you Buckwheat Hovey!!! xxoo Momma

06/27/14 Good afternoon my little precious. I miss you so much, and often wonder why you had to
leave me so soon? Not a day, hour or minute goes by that I do not think of you. The
sadness is still very fresh, and still in my heart. As you probably already know, I went
to see our "Little Vinny" today. He is going to be 6 weeks old on Saturday. He is just a
little ball of love, and joy, and I hope deeply you can transfer some of your love,
into this little guy. I know you would have loved him too, and there wasn't anyone
who you came contact with you that did not feel your love.
Kelly, (Vinny's ) mom is so
awesome, and I know she will take real good care of Vinny till he comes home. I wish you
could channel your love and spirit to them both. I love you my little pumpkin eater, and
when I play the piano, I still can see you sitting at my feet, listening so contently.
I just wish you would send me a sign, or a dream, so I can see you again. I know things
are better for you at the bridge, you have no pain, and are running & playing again. It
would have been very selfish on our part, to keep you here, dispite the fact, you were my
everything (and my life surrounded around you.) You always were there for me. If only lots
of people had "Buckwheats" in their life would only realize. I know God gave you
a job to do, and you did. Now you are in heaven ( as I asked Kelly her thoughts on animals
going to heaven.) She is on the same page with me. You now have angel wings to watch over
me, and please watch over Vinny too. I love you my little man. xxoo

7/2/2014 Good morning my little man, and Happy Fourth of July!!! (I am sending my wishes to you
early as we are going to head up to Houlton like we always do,) and it saddens me to just
think you are not with us this year. Well, in my heart you are, (as you pawprints are on
it) and I know my thoughts will be too. I know 4th of July in Heaven is going to be an
incrediable time for you, (even though I wish you were here.) up above the stars!!!!
I am a little worried, as this trip will bring back lots of our memories, good ones !!!!
Please watch over us, and Vinny,(and his brothers & sister) and China on her babies too.
Sprinkle your love on all of them, (and Kelli too!) Happy Fourth my pumpkin eater!!
I love you !!! xxxxooooo

7/04/2014 Happy Fourth of July My Little Pumpkin Eater!!! We are back from Houlton, and
it was a very short trip. I sure did miss your presence by my side, especially when we
watched movies at night, and you always sat on the couch next to me. It made me very sad.
However, we are home now, and I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you as always,
and hoping you and the other furbabies are enjoying your 4th in the peaceful heavenly
sky at Rainbow bridge. I love you, my baby buck.... xxxxooo momma

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, Unheard, but always near,
Still loved,still missed, and very dear."

7/09/2014 Good Morning My Little Pumpkin....Well, I don't know where to start. Today marks 3
months today that you have been at Rainbow Bridge. Last night in bed, I thought of you
and I think I cried myself to sleep. April 9, 2014 is so vivid in my mind, just like
yesterday. I want you to know that when we took you to BBVA that morning it was just for
an evalution, and to see if you were in any pain. When Miranda said, that the pain
probably wasnt high, however, you were not comfortable. We both thought we would
bring you home, and that is where you would be. I suggested getting your toenails
clipped before we left. When Miranda took you out back to get it done, it was as if
God sent a message into the room father & I were in, and it struck us at the same time.
We know you were not the same "Buckwheat", but despite your tumor, you still were
pleasing us, and trying to be that little ole man that everyone loved. It was at that
point that God had made a calling to us to let go, and let you go home to Him. It was
the hardest thing in my life that I have ever done, but we both knew it was the best
for you. I have many, many wonderful memories of you my little friend, and you loved
unconditionally, no matter who it was....You loved everybody, including Life itself.
Not a day, or minute goes by that I dont think of you, and often wonder what life is
like at Rainbow Bridge? Are you pain free, and running like you use to? I always knew
I was in for the "run of my life" when you would look at me with your big brown eyes,
drop your tail.....and swish.....you were off running, and looking to see if i was
right behind you!!! I love you my little Buckwheat, words can't express.
Kelly called, and I can pick up Vinny next Thursday in the evening. I am going to ask
if I can come on Friday, the 18th, as so coinsidental, that was the same day that I
picked you up 14 years ago. Maybe that is a sign from You that we have your blessing on
this little puppy. Vinny is gonna be showered with so much love, that he is not going to
know what to do with it. He truely is a gift from Heaven, and everything happens for a
reason, which is why Kayjo Pugs came into my life! I love Kelli, and her
whole crew of pugs and puppies. I just wish that there was visiting hours in Heaven, and
you and I could be like we use to, side by side no matter what. Please know I Love You
My Little Pumpkin Eater and miss you greatly. xxooo Momma

"Why did you have to go, So young I don't know why
Things happen half the time, without reason, without rhyme
Makes no sense to me, I just have to believe

You flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And you're walking with Jesus, and your loved ones waiting
And I know your smiling saying, Don't worry 'bout me.

Loved one you left behind, Just trying to survive
And understand the why, feeling lost inside
Anger shot straight at God, then asking for His love
Empty with disbelief, Just hoping that maybe

You flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And you're walking with Jesus, and your loved ones waiting
And I know your smiling saying, Don't worry 'bout me.

It's hard to say goodby, your picture in my mind
Will always be the times I'll cherish, And I won't cry 'cause

You flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And you're walking with Jesus, and your loved ones waiting
And I know your smiling saying, Don't worry 'bout me.
Don't worry 'bout me, don't worry 'bout me.
Don't worry 'bout me.


07/10/2014 My little Precious, well, it is another day... and yesterday I talked to Kelli
and told her Father & I were going to Boston, as Little Vinny would be home next
weekend, and I was suppose to see him on Sat, and wanted to change it,and she
was gonna surprise me and let me take him home! I am going Sunday morning, and Anna
is thrilled that she will be able to pick him up with me like she did with you!
Your probably already know this, but please send your love and blessings down upon us
and bless Vinny with your love, knowledge, and spirit. Also, China Doll has lost two
of her babies and they have gone to Rainbow Bridge. Please watch over them, and guide
them, as I am sure China would love knowing that you are taking care of them.
I love & miss you my little man....... xxooo Momma

07/12/14 Good Morning my Precious... We are heading to Boston today, and I am wishing that you
were with us, in my heart & thoughts your are. I hope that by now you have found
China's babies up there at the bridge, and they are under your guidance. Also, please
sprinkle your angel dust down on little "Walter" and he is in my prayers as well that
he gets better, and will be a striving little guy! I love you my Buckwheat. xxoo

07/14/14 Hello, My little pumpkin eater. As you probably already know, I went up to get little
Vinny yesterday. He is so precious, I wish you were here with him, but I hope I see so
much of you in him, please sprinkle your love, and channel your spirit through him. Then
I know I will be in touch with you also. He is so tiny, watch over him with your angel
wings, and bless him tremendously. Walter is doing better, so I hope my prayers are being
answered for that little guy. I wish I could perform miracles. I love you my Buckwheat,
and you are always still in my thoughts. xxxoo Momma

07/15/2014 My Little Precious, Kelli just informed me that Lennon, had to be put down, (yes, at
8 weeks old) He went to Rainbow Bridge last night. Please find him, and take good care
of him, as he was so young. You are such a great little dog, I know you will take him
under your wings, as he is now one of God's little angels too. Please channel your
spirit down upon Kelly also, as she feels so bad. I cried the minute I read her
message. I am keeping my positive attitude towards Vinny, and praying that it is not
something that will effect him. Please send your love down on all of us. I love you
my little pumpkin eater. xxoo

07/20/14 Good morning, baby. Things sure are diffent around here without you, but as you know
we now have Baby Vinny home with us. He is just the litttest bundle of joy. Kinda like a
minature you. He already has some of you traits, and I am hoping this is you sending them
down upon him. So much wish you were here to teach, and guide him. Please send your
spirit and blessings down upon him where he is so small, we can't let anything happen to
him. I just want you to know that I have not forgotten you, and you are always on my mind
and I lots of times find myself calling Vinny, Buckwheat. That is okay though. I hope by
now you have found China's babies, and little Lennon, and they are under your care.
I love you my little man, and words, tears, and hopes I know can't bring your back.
xxooo Momma

07/24/14 Hello My Baby Buck. I am thinking of you today, and you have been on my mind all day.
Yesterday when Vinny was on the porch, he starting running in circles, tail down and just
a going it. It reminded me of you so much that it brought a tear to my eye. A tear of
sadness, then it dawned on me, that maybe it was you channeling your spirit into Vinny!!
He reminds me of you so much, that is exactly what I am hoping, that your are in him!!!
I love you my little pumpkin eater, and Vinny's name is little pumpkin seed! xxooxxoo

07/28/14 Good Morning my Little Pumpkin Eater. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking
of you this morning, and always do. I love you my little man!
Vinny has found your toy basket and is helping himself to your toys!!!!
I know that you don't mind, and please send your love down to him. Love momma xxoo

08/02/14 Hello my little man! I think of you so often that it is crazy! I still miss you like it

was yesterday! Please wait for me at the bridge, and we will make the journey together.
In the meantime, Please send your spirits and good luck to Walter. He is just 5 weeks old
and we pray for him daily, hoping that the money is raised to have his cleft palete
repaired, and he will live a normal life. Pass the word around at Rainbow Bridge so
all the furbabies there will channel their love to him also. I love you my little man.

08/09/14 Good morning my little man! Well, here we are another month gone by which makes it 4
months that you have been at R.B. God only knows how much I miss you. It still seems
like yesterday, and Vinny is here now, however, my heart still has a spot that is
missing you, even though your pawprint is there for life! I can see so much of you in
Vinny, well, I should say Vinny has so much of you, that it is incredible, and it is
you I hope channeling down to him! I know you are at a better place, and one of God's
precious little angels but you brought so much love, and joy,it is impossible to forget.
Know that not a day goes by that I don't think of you to the point I even call Vinny, my
little Buckwheat, not that it is a bad thing, but it just shows how much you are in my
mind and heart. Walter will have to go in for surgery, please watch over him, now and
till then, and keep him safe. My love for you is still so strong,and I still cry when I
visit you. I love you my little pumpkin eater!!! xxxoooo Love Momma

08/14/14 My little Buckwheat. Wow, did you see the thunder & lightning storm we had last night?
I know you would have barked like crazy, since your experiences at the mountain. Vinny
has not yet experienced those, and hopefully like you, being a baby he will not be
worried like you weren't when you were a baby. Safe & sound in Momma's arms. I miss you
my little man, just like yesterday. Kelli wants us to take Walter. He truely is a gift of
God, surviving all he has been through, and with Kelli helping him 100%. I know you would
love to have Walter (german translation: little warrior) here and having us take care of
him. Please convey to Father, he needs to be here! In the meantime, you are always on my
mind and in my heart. You have never really left my side, as your pawprints are on my
heart forever. I love you my little pumpking eater, please send me a sign that you are
doing okay. All my love forever xxxoooo.

08/18/14 Good Morning my little precious. Well another day has arrived. I just want you to know
that I am thinking of you. You have been on my mind alot, more that usual. Please
continue to watch down upon us and sprinkle your love on us.
I'll always love you, you know that!
But I hope you're really happy where your at.
Trails and parks and furbabies galore...
You've crossed through Heaven's Doggie Door!

9/01/14 Happy Labor Day my little man! It is so hard to believe that fall is in the air. We
went to Windsor Fair this week for the same two days we always go. It seemed so different
without you with us, and riding in the goldcart. This was Vinny's first motorhome trip.
He did an awesome job. It is so hard, as I forget he is just a puppy, and you were a grown
up handsome little man. I sure miss the heck out of you, and still it is hard for me. I
find myself calling Vinny, Buckwheat, which isnt a bad thing. It shows you are still in my
heart and will always be. I love you. xxoo Momma

9/09/2014 Good morning my little man. I just can't believe today you have been at R.B.5 months.
It still seems like yesterday that you were here. I know my heart still feels the ache and
I do not know if that feeling will ever leave? You were my life here, and it is truely
amazing how much you have impacted my life, right from the first day we got you. I hope
you never forget me, and my heartprint is on your heart. I just dont understand why you
had to go.....and still I cry when I think of you. I miss you like crazy, even though
we have Vinny now, he sure is a handful, but deep down I can see you in him. I am forever
calling him Buckwheat, so that proves you are in my heart still and always will be. I love
you my little pumpkin eater! Just wish you would send me a sign, letting me now you are
looking down upon us, and waiting till we all meet again at Rainbow Bridge. I love you!

09/21/2014 Good morning my little man. Today I am having a very hard day missing
you, and even though you are in my thoughts and prayers daily it still
seems like it was yesterday. I love you my little baby! xxoo Momma

09/30/2014 Good morning little pumpkin! Well, we just got back from the Fryeburg Fair. It seemed
so crazy that you were not with us this year. I sure do miss the crap outta you. Vinny
was busy so he kept me busy, but you, you were always on my mind, especially when we were
riding to check out the motorhomes in the golfcart. My little man, I hope you are
watching down upon us, and showering us with your love. I love you & miss you <3 momma

10/09/2014 Hello my little precious. I can't believe that it has been 6 months
today that you are at R.B. I sure miss the crap outta you, and it still seems like
yesterday. We went to Fryeburg Fair as always, but it seemed different this year.
Even though Vinny was with us, I kinda felt you were to. It seemed funny not
getting any anniversary & Father's birthday cards from you. I know your're not
suffereing any more, and I know it my heart you are in a better place, but my
heart still crys for you. I hope all the furbabies that are at the bridge, had the
realionship that you and I carried for 14 years. Yes, 14 years, of joy that you
my little man brought into my life. You loved uncondionally, and were always there
for me, with me when I was sad & lonely, and knew just how my feelings were. You
were always there to comfort me, in good & bad days, and in your heart you knew
you were a very loved little precious baby.Often I think of ALL the memories that
we shared, the birthdays, halloweens, thanksgiving, and Christmas'. You were all
a very special part of all if these as well as our traveling trips and Ira Mnt.
I miss you my little pumpkin eater, and know that you will NEVER be forgotten. Not
a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts,mind and prayers. I love you my
Buckheat! love momma

10/31/14 HAPPY HALLOWEEN my little pumpkin eater! Seems so unlikely to not have you here to
celebrate birthdays and Halloween. I miss taken your annual Halloween photo! I think
of you more than you can imagine! I can't wait till we can meet up again, and I can
hug you, and vise versa. I know Vinny is here, and I just wish you would give me a sign
that I am still in your heart! Your pawprint is on my heart forever. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

11/2/2014 Good morning pumpkin! Well, this morning is the first REAL cold day we have had 34.
It is showery outside and we just had our first snow flurries of the year. I know at
R.B it is always sunny and warm. I know you were not a fan of cold weather, however you
did put up with it. I am thinking of you today, as the flurries are coming down, and how
unique you were, just as every passing snowflake. I love you Buckwheat!!!! xxooo momma

11/9/2014 Good Morning Little Man..........well, can you believe this marks 7 months that you
have been at R.B. It still seems like yesterday, and I am in some sort of dream, and it
really isn't or hasn't happen. I miss you like crazy, and even though time is suppose to
heal, I really don't think it has. You pawprint has left a very BIG impressions on my
heart, and as I write, I still cry tears. Why? I just keep telling myself you are at
peace now, with no more pain, and are happily awaiting for me at the bridge. I miss you
still more than words can say. Even though you are No longer by my side, you are forever
in my heart. I love you my little pumpkin eater. XXOO Momma

11/27/14 Good morning my baby Buck...Happy Thanksgiving. I know you will be spending it in good
company with all the furbabies at R.B. You have been on my mind lot lately, even though
I think of you constantly. I have been calling Vinny, Buckwheat so maybe that is a sign
from you. We had a terrible snow storm last night, about 12 inches, wet & heavy. I miss
having you outside by my side shoveling the porch.Vinny was there, but even though he is
a "Momma's Boy" like you, he is very wimpy and HATES to get his feet wet? I will be
thinking of you, as I prepare the Thanksgiving dinner. Jordan is here, and celebrating it
with us. Please know, I wish you would send me a sign, just so I know we are in touch. My
heart is filled with you pawprints, and even still, as I write to you, tears still flow.
I miss you my little pumpking eater. I love you! love momma <3


12/3/14 My little pumpkin eater, well December is here, and that means this year is almost
over. I have started putting up my trees, and when it was time to put up the "Buckwheat"
tree, it made me cry, however, I knew how much we both enjoyed that tree the best!
Funny thing, the tree is still only half lite, the top part, and for the past two years
I wanted to change the lights, (as I have them.)After it was all decorated, I remembered
that I wanted to change them, but figured when I took it down, I would start brand new, as
a new year and a new beginning in 2015. I miss you so much, especially this time of the
year. I wish you would surely send me a sign, so I know that I am still in your heart too!
I love you my little pumpkin eater.

12/09/14 Good morning my little man. Well, another month, and that means that you have been at
R.B. for 8 months. I still cry when I visit you, but feel when I talk to you, you hear me.
Christmas will be hard this year without you, but I am hoping Vinny steps right in where
you left off. He is amazed at the trees, lights, and pretty packages as you were. I think
that you have finally given me a sign,and it was a heartfelt on too! Last night, I put the
Buckwheat tree lights on, and the top ones lit like usual, however, after supper, I looked
and the WHOLE TREE WAS LIT! Please tell me this was your message, and you want to wish us
all a Merry Christmas. I will ask Kellie, and maybe she can have some communications with
you. I love you my little precious, and only ask that you watch down upon us all, and
sprinkle us with the love you so much had to share. I think of you constantly, and am
always calling Vinny, Buckwheat, so that truely means that you are in my thoughts.I love
you my pumpkin eater right till the end! Please wait for me.... love momma

12/20/14 Hello my baby Buck! Well, can you believe Christmas is almost here, and that means that
this year is almost to an end. It seems so strange without you here with us, and to listen
to you sing, "I love You". You are always in my thoughts, and thank you for keeping the
"Buckwheat" tree fully lit. It is a sign from you, and Kelly told me NOT to change the
lights, keep them as they are so I will. Please look down upon us, and sprinkle your
angel dust upon us. I love you my little pumpkin eater! xxooo

12/25/14 MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LITTLE PRECIOUS ONE.....I am thinking of you today, but I know that
you are spending Christmas with Jesus This year...so you couldn't have been in better
company. As we open the gifts, I hope you are looking down upon us with love. I miss you
my little man, and you are always in my thoughts. Love you xxoo Momma

I still know you hear the songs, and I know you still see the lights, I still feel
your love, on these cold wintery nights. I still share my hopes and all of my cares,
and I will still remember you in my nightly prayers.

I just wanted to tell you, you still make me proud,you stand head and shoulders above
all the crowds, I keep trying each moment to stay in His Grace, I know you came there
before me, to help set our place.

To my family and friends, please be thankful today, knowing that I am still close
beside you in my very own special way.

Buckwheat, I love you dearly,and you know I shed a tear, but at least I know you are in
heaven, and spending Christmas with Jesus this year.





Is is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly!

01/15/2017 Dearest Buckwheat...Even though you are gone, and my heart aches everyday, I will smile
through the tears of the memories you left behind! Love you my little man. xxoo Mom

01/31/2017 Well my little precious, can you believe another month has gone by. You would have loved
the mild January. The other night I saw a shooting star. You...immediately came to my mind.
I am going with it was you giving me a sign, a sign of LOVE!!! Why else would I have seen

02/01/2107 February first, and yes, my little man, I miss you more than anything.

02/14/2017 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY'S MY FOREVER LOVE.....If I could only hug you one more time...
Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I miss you, until
we meet again. I love you my little pumpkin eater. Love you . xxoo Momma

02/28/2017 As long as I breathe....You will be remembered....

03/03/2017 Perhaps it's not the stars in the sky, but rather openings where my loved one is shining
down to let me know that you are happy! Fly & run with the angels my precious little man.

03/17/17 HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY MY little good luck charm! You were my four leaf clover,my laughter
Your smiling eyes, and care filled heart. I feel like the "luckiest" person on earth to be
the one to spend 14 wonderful years with You! You brought many smiles to my face and heart.

03/20/2017 HAPPY 1ST DAY OF SPRING!! I miss you my little precious.
When you LOVE someone, they're a BIG part of you. Like you are attached by
this invisible thread and no matter how far away your are,
You can always feel them. Every beat of my heart feels your pawprint!!

04/06/17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE PUMPKIN EATER.... I hope that you have the celebration of
of a lifetime with all the furbabies at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you as much today as I did
Yesterday. I love you my little man.... So as a birthday gift to you...
I'm sending a dove to Heaven with a parcel on it's wings.
Be careful when you open it, it's full of beautiful things.
Inside are a million kisses, wrapped up in a million hugs,
To say how much I miss you and to send you ALL my love.
I hold close within my heart, and there you will remain,
To walk with me throughout my life until we meet again.

04/09/2017 My Little man...I can't believe that 3 years have gone by already. It still so so real
in my mind and heart. I love you as much today and more than yesterday.
Those special memories of you will always bring a smile...if only I could have you
for just a little while.....
Then we could sit and I could talk again just like I used to do...
You always meant so very much, and always will do too.
The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain but you're forever in my
heart until we meet again!



05/01/17 HAPPY MAY DAY MOMMA'S BABY!!!! <3

05/17/17 Today is a special day as we were blessed with our little Vinny. I know you would love
him, even if he is a momma's boy, but you were and still are my very special little one!

06/21/217 Happy First day of Summer my little One..... Love cannot separate us! I carry you in my
Heart, and they say when someone you love is IN YOUR HEART they are never truly gone!
I love you my little pumpkin eater. love momma

06/30/17 Well, here it is, the last day of June, July is just around the corner.
I miss seeing your cute little face, peer through the porch railings as I mow by it.
I know you sleep in heaven, and up there I hope you dream of me. Waiting there for those
you love, until together we will be. I know that you're not lonely, in company of Angels
above. Watching over and protecting those left behind you love. I miss you to the stars
and back my little man. Sending kisses to heaven!! xxoo Momma

07/04/17 HAPPY 4TH JULY LITTLE ONE! I know you are safe and sound above the stars, and looking down!
You will have quite a celebration up there with Barney Fife, Sammy, ClaraFrancis,Riley
Steven and GrettaRose! Sometimes I just look up and Smile and I know it was a sign from you.
Behind my smile, is your momma, who is missing my little angel Buckwheat more than anyone
will ever know.I talk to you all the time in my head, and I realize you do hear, and fully
understand my every word. Absence makes the heart a sad place, but I know you are always
with me, as your pawprint is FOREVER ON MY HEART! I LOVE YOU BABY BUCK...xxoo Momma

07/24/17 My Little pumpkin eater.....today I am thinking of you lots! and have been a lot lately
and maybe you are trying to send me down a message?? I miss you..more than you can even
imagine! I have a thought for you my little man:
'Till We Meet Again.....
The day you wagged into my life, we bonded from the start. You brought happiness to all
my years and love into my heart. There is no other like you- you were beautifully unique.
And my heart breaks to not have you here every minute of the week. Even in your absence,
there is hope my friend. On that rainbow bridge we'll meet to love and play again.

08/09/17 My little precious....I cannot believe and I still do not believe it has been 3 years..it still seems
so fresh in my mind, and when I look at little Roxy she is a spitting image if You. You still make me
cry when I talk about you my little man...you were very very special, if only the world REALLY knew
how very special you were and the bond that we carried. I miss you! Even though you are no longer by my
side, you are forever and always in my heart! That is where I carry ALL my special things, and your
pawprint is one of them. I love you little man. Play and run free at rainbow bridge! xxoo

09/11/17 My dearest little baby...... Not a day goes by that I do not think of you...Heartbreak does change
people. When I close my eyes I see you. When I open my eyes I miss you. No matter how much I love and
needed you, heaven needed a hero like you. I love you Buckwheat. <3 Momma

09/23/17 My little pumpkin, today is the first day of fall, and it is your kind of weather. I can still see you on
the deck peering thru the railings as I mow. Never once taken your eyes off me. Such a bond we shared.
It is so hard to think that someone whom has meant so, so much to me can be gone in a second.

10/1/17 Well, here we are already into October... Your kind of weather my little man. There are days, that it
seems like you are here with me, and other I just know you are. It is hard to forget someone who had so
much love to share... that I miss you little feet clicking on the floors.. To live in the hearts of those
we leave behind not to die!! Love you!! xo Momma

10/25/17 I know you can never be replaced, but you will NEVER be forgotten! I love you BUCKWHEAT! Missing you on
my birthday.!

10/31/17 Happy HALLOWEEN! Miss your little face, wondering what momma was going to put you in next!
Memories of you fill my mind, like the thousands of bright stars in the sky!

11/23/17 HAPPY THANKSGIVING my little pumpkin eater. Hard to believe another year you are not here. I am thankful
for the many Thanksgivings that you have spent with me. I am thankful for all the lessons in life that
you have taught, and remain in my heart. I know you are spending Thanksgiving in the best of company with
Gretta Rose, RileyStephen, ClaraFrancis, Livvy, and all the other pugs with wings. Happy Thanksgiving my
little man.....I love you to the moon and back over again! love, momma <3

12/1/17 Happy December 1st my little Pumpkin. We have been having a good December so far, without any snow...which
you were not very fond of. (Neither am I)

04/06/18 Happy Birthday My little man! I am sending you Happy Birthday wishes today, and know that you are in my
heart all day. I love and still miss you like it was yesterday!
My love for you will fly to you each night on Angel's wings. I love and miss you my pumpkin eater.
Happy Birthday with lots and lots of love. Love you to the moon and back. xxoo Momma


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