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Memories of Buddy
You made me laugh every single day. You were the funniest, happiest most loving little boy I have ever had the pleasure to love. You lived for life and just loved everyone you met, as they did you.
The things I miss:
The happiest face in the world
You greeting me everyday when I get home by sucking my thumb
Your beautiful big fluffy waggy tail that never stopped
Your yelling when bikes go pastu
Giving me kisses as soon as I wake
The dinner dance
Getting drowned when it was bath time
I hope you are running free on the beach with your mates, getting plenty of tucker and lots of brushes. Your brother Harry is missing you as he has lost his best mate ever,as has mum and dad.You are forever in our hearts beautiful boy. Until we meet again, remember you are my sunshine amd I cannot wait to be able to hold you again. Love you to the moon and back Buddyboo.xoxo

'If Love was all you needed to stay alive, you would have lived Forever'

05/27/2016 - It is two weeks today darling boy since you crossed the Bridge. I hope that you are happy there. I have received some lovely messages and by know you should have met Ellie Mae, Pedro and Pressy. I miss you so much and my tears keep falling, but at least know I can come here to visit you and tell you how much I love you. Sleep tight darling boy, mum is off to bed. xoxoxo

05/30/2016 - Hi darling boy, I was talking to you tonight on my drive home from work. I was telling you how much I miss you and that I still want to hope that you will come back to me, even though I know this cannot happen until I come to you. Dad and I took Harry to the beach yesterday, and where he was always cautious and hanging close to Dad and I, he was far more adventurous and even wanted to interact with the other dogs. It made me think that you were channeling through him because he was doing all the things you used to. Maybe that is the way you are coming back to me, through Harry. The weather is cooling down here now and I know you were never keen on the cold, so I hope you are always warm were you are, so I do not have to worry about you. I have received my Memory Pendant so I can put some of your ashes in it and wear it so you will be with me always. Goodnight beautiful boy and remember I love you always.xoxoxo

06/07/2016 - Hi beautiful boy. Thought I better check in and let you know how things are going. I have put some of your ashes in my pendant so you can come everywhere with me now. It's nice to know I have you so close all the time. Missing you so very badly, and at times get angry that you had to be taken from me so soon when you had so much more to give and we had so many more adventures, damn the cancer!
We have found a home for the foster kid, Rocky, so it is just Mum, Dad and Harry now. Harry is really missing his little brother, so we are trying to keep him busy and he is getting to go on lots of ta ta's in the car as we do not want to leave him at home on his own. Now it is winter I am missing you being snug against me in bed and wake up at night to reach for you, but you are not there. Hope you are making loads of friend, and they think you are as loving and funny as what I do. Until next visit darling boy, stay warm and be a good boy. Lots and lots of love, mum. xoxoxo

06/15/2016 - Hi my darling boy. I wanted to let you know that I have adopted a new baby today because Harry really needs to have some company apart from dad and I. I know that you understand why I have done this and would not be mad at me. Charley is not to replace you beautiful boy because no one could ever do that, but he will bring happiness to our lives and we need to laugh and smile again, You were my happy bunny and you always made me laugh, and I so miss that. Harry is not playing with toys since you have gone and he doesn't go out exploring in the backyard since you've been gone, so we really need to get him to be he's old self again. I got the frame today for your collage and I now have the very hard task of choosing what photos I am going to use. I will take a photo and post to your page when I put it together. Mum is getting tired now baby, so I am going to go to bed. Love you so much darling boy, be good and I will see you soon with an update. xoxoxo

08/05/2016 - Happy Birthday my beautiful boy! I hope all your new friends throw you a really big birthday party. I couldn't make you a cake, like I would if you were still with me, but I have sent you one today. I miss you so badly but in a funny way, our new adopted boy, Charley, has a lot of your quirky little ways, so I think you are sending him messages to remind me that you are never far away. Dad and Harry wish you a Happy Birthday also, and wanted me to tell you how much they miss you. I am now going to put you on Facebook so all your mates can wish you a Happy Birthday as well. Love you to the moon and back my beautiful boy and my heart is still aching so bad. You are with me every day though as you are in the pendant I wear around my neck. Love you always darling boy. xoxoxoxo

11/12/2016 - It will be six months tomorrow since you left me my beautiful little man. I think of you every single day and still cry all the time. You know we have adopted a new little rescue, Charley, and his resemblance to you is amazing. He is doing more things that you would do and I believe that is you channeling through him, which makes me feel happy. You would also know that mum and dad are going to do the travelling around Australia thing we always wanted to do. I wish you could be here with us to have the time of your life, but know we will have you in spirit all the way. Harry and Charley are getting on well but I know that Harry really misses his bro. I have said goodbye to lots of little other babies on my FB sites and I have told them all that Buddy will take care of them, so you should have made lots of new friends by now. I want you to know that I love Harry and Charley, but I so miss you my very special little guy, and this will never change. You and I had such a special bond that I had never had before and I do not think I will have again. I have added a photo of Charley so you can connect to him. I will try and visit more often but it makes me so sad to come here. You know how much I love you and that love will never, ever diminish. Dad, Harry and Charley send their to you my beautiful boy, so until next time, be good and know we love you, and will never forget you. xoxoxo

12/25/016 - Merry Christmas beautiful boy! Such a sad day as I know how much you loved opening your presents on Christmas day and how the wrapping was more fun then your gifts! It is the first Christmas in six years you have not been here. I hope you and all of your Rainbow Bridge friends had an awesome day and got lots of pressies. I see you are still sending messages to Charley so we know you are still watching. Dad, Harry and Charley send their Christmas wishes and love of course. It goes without saying Buddyboo, that I miss you so much and think of you every single day. I love you with all my heart my darling boy. Until next time, lots of hugs and kisses, your mum. xoxoxo PS: Enjoy the Christmas tree and bone I have left you today.

05/13/17 - Well this is 1 year since you crossed to Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much and would do anything to have you back with me. I have sent a dove to Heaven to deliver you a basket full of hugs and kisses that come from me, dad and Harry. Charley is so much like you that I am sure you are still reaching out to me through him and if this is so, please never stop. We only have a few months here before we start our big adventure. Oh Buddy, I so wish you were still with us, as I know you would have so much fun travelling Australia and meeting so many different animals and people, who you would no doubt charm silly! I hope you are still he happy boy you always were and that life is treating you kind. I have told a lot of my Maltese Maintenance friends who have lost their babies, that you will take care of them, and I know you won't let me down. Goodbye for now my beautiful, beautiful boy, and we will talk again soon. Love you forever, and forever in my heart.xoxoxo

08/05/17 - Happy Birthday my beautiful little boy! Your 10 years old today. I would've thrown you a huge party today to celebrate if you were still with us. I hope all your Rainbow friends give you a party. I miss you so much Buddy and still cannot get over how you were taken from me too early. You will always be my beautiful, happy, funny little man. Harry is sitting with me and wants to send birthday kisses to his bro, he misses you still. Dad also says Happy Birthday Budster! Love you always. Have a wonderful day, love you forever an ever, and until next time, huge hugs and kisses, my precious boy.xoxoxoxo

9/25/17 - Hi my darling boy. Well our travels have commenced and we are with Magpie's mum and dad staying wuth them for a few weeks. Magpie passed away a few years ago so you should have caught up with him by now. Missing you so badly my Buddyboo, I know you would be having so much fun if you was still here with us. I have updated your possessions and have included a futon bed, so you will be very comfy on that! Until next time my beautiful boy, remember you will always be my soul mate and my heart will always have the piece missing that went with you on that dark day. Love you more then life itself.xoxoxo
5/11/2018 - Hello gorgeous boy, I know our two year anniversary is in two days, but I received an email today asking if you could be friends with a new resident. His name is Jasper and I have assured him you will take good care of him so his mum does not worry so much about him. I love you baby, and miss you every day. I will be back in 2 days and will refrexh your garden and have a very long chat. All my love always xoxoxo
13/05/2018 - Hello beautiful boy. Mum's heart is aching so bad because it does not get an easier with time. I have posted on Maltese Maintenance and my FB page and many people are saying such kind things and especially that you are a beautiful boy.We are on the road at present and arrive at our new home tomorrow. You would love where we are going, a beautiful place by the ocean.Dad and Harry send their love and miss you just as much as me. I still believe that you are sometimes with me through Charley as he does things that only you have ever done. You and he would get on really well. I have changed a few things in your garden so I hope you enjoy them. No doubt you would have lots of friends there so I do mot have to worry about you being lonely. I love you so very much Buddyboo and would give anything for someone to grant me one wish as I would wish you to be back with me. Take care of yourself little man and I promise to visit avain real soon.Loads of kisses and hugs my little man and remember that I loveyou to the moon and back xoxo ❤❤❤

08/05/2018 - Happy 11th Birthday my beautiful little man. I sent you a birthday cake to share with all your friends. I put fresh flowers next to your urn and of course gave your photo lots of kisses. I miss you so bad and wish you could be back with me.Harry has sent his favourite bro birthday wishes and lots of kisses. Your dad and Charley also send wishes and lots of love. I changed the music to Happy Birthday while I am writing to you. If only you were here because you know I would have made you a cake and given you lots of toys and other presents. Dad and I were talking abiut you the other day saying that if you were here with us, you would own this town we have moved to by now! You would love the foreshores we walk every morning with Harry and Charley and all the little dogs we stop and talk to each day. You would have no doubt played with every single one of them. I hope you are looking after Jasper for his mum because she is still really really sad and missing her little guy.I love you so much Buddy and I will visit again soon. Have a great Birthday. All my love and hugs and kisses.xoxoxo

12/26/2018 Merry Christmas my beautiful boy. I know I am a day late but I think you are a day behind where you are. I hope you have a fun filled day with all your friends. I missed you not getting into the chrissie spirit playing with all the paper and then with your toys. Love you so much little man and would give anything for you to be back with me. Dad, Harry and Charley all send there love and wish you merry Christmas. Until next visit, be good but not too good, and remember how much I love you my little soul mate. xoxoxo ❤❤❤❤❤❤

05/13/2019 - Hello my beautiful boy. Well it is 3 years since you crossed the Bridge and the pain is still so raw. I woke up at 4.30 this morning and cried a lot of tears realising what day it was. As much as I love to come and visit, it is just so heartbreaking. There have been quite a few of mum's Facebook friends from Maltese Maintenance that have lost their babies,so I tell them that you will look after them, which I am sure you are doing because you are such a good boy and you love having lots of friends. I do have some sad news for you Buddyboo, mum and dad are seperating. Harry and Charley will be with me and we are moving back to NSW and will be close to your Aunty Donna. Dad and I will stay friends so please do not worry about us or be too sad, because we will all be okay. Harry and Charley are getting on really well and since Harry has had the rest of his teeth removed, he is like a young boy again and plays with toys all the time!Only trouble is, he slobbers all over them! I have sent you a revent photo of your brothers so you can see how they look now. I will say goodbye for now my beautiful boy and remember that I love you so very much as does dad, Harry and Charley. Be a good boy and I will visit again soon. Love you to the moon and back baby boy xx 💙💙💙
08/05/19 Happy Birthday my beautiful little man. Well today is your 11th Birthday and I hope all your friends threw you the party of the year! I miss you so much and often think about how you would go with all the changes in my life but then I remember that it wouldn't worry you as long as you were with me. I have a new job and a new house for me and the boys and I but I really need to move back to the country as city living is not for me. Dad and I have been talking a lot and may get back together later on down the track. I left you a birthday cake and a single red rose because you will always be the love of my life. Love you so much my beautiful boy. Enjoy the rest of your birthday and I will visit again soon. All my love and hugs.xxxxxx💙💙💙

05/13/2020 Hello my beautiful little man. Well it is 4 years today that you crossed Rainbow Bridge and my heart still aches. I posted a memory today on a fb page for Maltese parents in Australia. What news do I have to tell you? Harry turned 15 in February and is still going really well, enjoying his daily walks and his food of course! Charley has become a really good boy with other dogs and him and Harry are still getting on really well together. Although dad and I are still seperated, he is living with me at the present and we actually get on better then ever being just mates! You know Buddyboo I still talk about you and share stories about you all the time. Today I shared the photo I took of you the very first day I picked you up and took you to work with me.Looking at that photo took me back to that day like it was yesterday. How everyone at work fussed over you and how you just wanted to play with everyone. But that is just who you are little man,such a happy little boy always,even when you got sick.Anyway, I will say goodbye for now and promise not to leave my next visit so far away. Be good little man,have fun with all your friends, and remember mum loves you so very much and misses you everyday. All my love and hugs baby. xxxxxxxx💙🌈🐾

13/05/21 Well bubba another year without you has passed. I am so sorry for not visiting the past year but mum has had a bit of a struggle, emotionally. I kiss your photo by my bed and talk to you often so don't think I have forgotten you because that will never happen. Harry is still going really well and had his 16th birthday earlier this year. He sends his love to his bro. I have some sad news, grandma Keenan passed away last night so today has been extra hard. She absolutely adored you! I hope you are still making plenty of friends and having a good time at Rainbow Bridge. I love you so much my beautiful boy and know that we will be together one day. Be a good boy, and I will make sure to visit on your birthday this yearLove you forever. 😘😘😘💙💙💙

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