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Memories of Buddy
Dear Buddy,
From the minute I saw you, it was love at first sight. I went into the pet store with Aunt Nicole and immediately spotted you. Aunt Nicole asked them to take you out, and you started untying my shoe laces. I knew at that moment, that there was no way I was leaving without you. I remember calling Daddy to tell him I had found "our" puppy and before I could get the words out, he instinctively knew why I was calling. Daddy's first response was "no, not now. After we're married" but Mommy didn't take no for an answer. She called Daddy back twice before he finally said, "get the dog and stop calling me." Daddy tried hard not to fall in love with you, but one look at the cute little furball you were and into your loving eyes and he was a goner.
Buddy you have brought so much love and happiness into our lives. You loved us unconditionally every day you were with us. No matter where we were, you were happy just to be with us. Always there to give us a kiss, wipe away our tears and make us laugh any chance you got. You were so silly sometimes. Flipping over your bed, barking and nibbling our shoes or socks that were on our feet so that we'd take them off for you to play fetch with them, putting your mouth on our arm so that we couldn't move, rolling over so that we could rub your belly, trying to steal the toilet paper off the roll sometimes or giving us a "Buddy bath" with all your kisses were some of your silly and lovable traits.
You were so smart. You had mommy and daddy trained well. You knew what you wanted and exactly how to get us to get it for you. I know you knew how to climb stairs, you just wanted us to carry you. Going to your basket of toys and rummaging through, to find the toy you were looking for. Standing on our chest or the side of the bed just staring at red cup filled with your water or giving us kisses so that we'd get up to get you a bone. You were the best alarm clock, knowing exactly what time mommy needed to get up from work. There are millions of memories of our life with you Buddy and we cherish the time we got to spend and love you.
I'm so sorry you got sick. By the time we found out how sick you were, the prognosis wasn't good and your cancer had metastasized. We tried the best treatment option for you, to at least try to make you feel better, giving us more time to love and spoil you. We were hoping for a miracle! You seemed to respond at first, and we were able to spend another 2 months of quality time with you, but you started to decline. You no longer enjoyed going for walks, seeing your friends, playing with your toys and even food and bones which you always loved and couldn't get enough no longer excited you. We knew you were not feeling well at all. The thought of trying new meds or putting you in hospice care may have bought you more time, we did not want you to be picked and probed any longer nor did we want to do anything that would have caused you, our furbaby, one more ounce of pain or suffering. You masked your pain very well, my baby, to spare us heartache. I know you would have continued to do so for as long as you could, just to make Mommy and Daddy happy because you loved us unconditionally. We loved you far too much to want to see you suffer.
With you in my arms and Daddy by your side, we helped you cross the Rainbow Bridge, where you have no more pain, can run free and play with the other puppies and your cousins in Heaven, until one day when we meet again.
Daddy and I were blessed to have loved and been loved so unconditionally by you for almost 11 years. Daddy and I love and miss you terribly.

With all my Heart,


It was a month this week that you left us, my sweet boy. Mommy misses you more than you could ever imagine. The house is so lonely and quiet without you. There's no one to greet me when I get home or to cuddle with when I'm watching tv. I still can't bear to move your things....I'm still hoping that I wake up and find that this was all a bad dream. I love you and will miss you forever.

All my heart,

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