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Memories of Buddy
Howls that make your heart sing! He was such a charmer. A very unique soul who touched mine in ways no one has and taught me how to truly LOVE. His head tilts made you wonder what was computing inside his head! Buddy was an extremely affectionate dog and we had kiss competitions which he would usually win. His favorite game though was "ransom" when he would take something of mine and hold it until I asked him to give it up. His favorite holiday was Christmas because he loved taking presents from under the tree and tossing them around! Self entertainment was one of Buddy's specialties. One time he tossed a toy onto my parents dinner table while we were eating! He made us laugh so hard. He loved getting my attention and it always worked.

Buddy loved skiing the best. We hiked up the local mountain several times a week to ski down and tried skijoring on the flat trails. He also loved to pull me on my mountain bike! I became very good at riding one handed and only using the front brake while holding onto his leash. We used to bike around town to the post office and he would wait outside while I quick picked up the mail or groceries at the market. He empowered me to get outside and I always had my Buddy to join me.

The best friend I've ever had. We were two peas in a pod. I used to play my guitar and he would howl to my tune "my dog sings"..."ears like wings, he loves to sing, while I strum my guitar strings". It was his song. He would use his ears to talk too! Sometimes they would both be down but if he was interested in something his left ear would go up and if he was very interested in something both would go up. If he was trying to figure out what you were saying he'd tilt his head back and forth, switching which ears he raised!...hence "ears like wings" :) he was my Angel.

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