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I have loved you from the day I took you from that cage at the Adopt-A-Pet when you were just 3 months old, every minute of every day between til the day came when we had to make a decision to end the suffering you felt. To know I would never again feel the softness of your ears or the wet nose on my face again was unbearable for me but so was the agony of you not being able to breath and struggling to do simple daily things that came so easily for you before. Now you are whole again and I am so empty every day without you. My sweet baby girl, please do not ever forget me. 05/11/08 My sweet baby, its been a little over 3 weeks since you went to RB. I know you have made some new friends there and are feeling no pain. I am so happy for you. But for me the pain goes on, especially today, you see, for the first time in 13 years, its Mother's Day and I have no baby to hold. The emptiness is terrible! People say to have a nice Mothers Day and the wound just gets bigger each time. I can't wait til this day is over. Because that's how I thought of you,as my baby. I never considered that you had 4 feet instead of 2, you were and will always be my little girl.05/14/08 I have some time off from work, Jayne is at the beach and I can't wait to see her, its been so long. I'm going down for a few days and spend some time. I feel bad in a way, your Daddy will be here all alone but he'll stay at work for as long as he possible can and that will keep his mind off of you. The nights will be long for me but I'll enjoy Jayne's company during the day. You got so bad near the end sweet girl, I couldn't have taken you by myself like I used to. Do you remember when I used to take you to AD and everyone used to make a fuss over how pretty you were? Those were the days! I miss you so. Later Sweetness.05/18/08 Sweet Girl, can you believe, it 1 month today since you've been gone. It seems like its been so much longer for me than that. I miss you so. Its lonely here in the evenings when your Daddy is away and I look in on the rug where you used to lay. I woke up one night and saw a shadow there, swore that big old head moved. But the light was playing tricks, cruel tricks on me. I guess by now you have settled in a new "rug" and are feeling no pain. I am glad for that. Love you big girl. 06/18/08 Hi Sweetness, its been 2 long months and I have missed you so. People at work still ask me about you and I still can't talk about you without tears coming to my eyes. I dread the day Mr McDiarmid comes in with Krikit, I'll never be able to pet her without thinking of you and I don't think I'll hold up. She is truly your twin, and he's due to come in any day now. She has the same sweet face and a little gray around the muzzle now. Daddy is going away next week and I'll be on my own. It will be a long week, long and lonely-so look down on me in the evening when you are resting and know I am thinking of you. All my love, your momma.07/15/08 Well sweet girl, the day I've been worrying about finally came. Krikit came in last week with her master and it was as I expected. She came to me wanting me to rub her as I always have and it was so hard for me. I patted her big head and rubbed her soft ears and I could hardly stand it, for a brief moment I was with you again-it felt so good. I couldn't function the rest of the day and spent most of my time in the bathroom crying each time I went in there just remembering how good it felt-the softness of her ears, so much like yours. I miss you so much. I can't believe its only been 3 months, it seems an eternity!The pain is not easing and I don't know what to do, how to make it better. I'm so lonely without you here. 13 years was a long time together and the years flew by but these months are dragging. My only hope is that you are whole and pain free. Love you sweet girl.Oh Gypsy, I really got a scare. The website was down and I thought I had lost you again! In a panic I emailed and found out there are other people out there that truly care and helped me thru. I was so glad to find you again but not being able to talk to you was so hard. I had always just taken for granted I could talk to you, but I did hold your ashes and just whisper softly to you, it helped some. I sure do miss you. We are going to babysit for a pooch for the first time since you have been gone, just for a few hours for our friends Chris & Lorraine from the beach, you remember them, they have gotten a new fur baby. Duncan is at RB with you all now, he was hurting badly near the end too. Murphy is their new baby and he is staying where you used to stay over at Val's. I hope she was as good to him as she always was to you. Be good for momma and welcome lots of new residents there. I will always love you. 10/01/08 Hi Baby, I'm home alone, Daddy is away. I'm sure missing you tonight. Saw a dog that looked like you on TV but you are prettier, always will be even if just in my dreams. I still miss you like the dickins. My best friend forever. Love you Gypsy Girl. 10/19/08 Hi Baby, well that 6 month milestone was yesterday and I still miss you as much today as ever. The void is still there. I hope you are happy and being a good girl, welcoming all the new residents at Rainbow Bridge. We miss you and love you very much. Things are not and never will be the same. Forever yours, Mom.12/25/08 Merry Christmas Sweet Girl! We miss you so much. We didn't even bother to put up a tree this year, no big girl to knock it over anyway. We didn't stay home, the house was so empty without you. Hope it was fun there for you. No more pain. Love you big girl, Mom. 04/15/09 Hi babe, I'm writing to you today because I don't think I'll be able to on Saturday. That's your 1 year anniversary. How lonesome I have been, it seems like a lifetime since you have left. Not a day goes by that I don't say good morning to your picture here in the foyer and kiss your sweet nose. I miss you so and can not get over leaving you that day. I hope you have forgiven me for leaving you behind, I loved you so. No one can ever touch my heart like you did, from the moment we met til the day you left and I love you still. Yours, Mom. 05/10/09 Hi Babe, its Mothers Day again. Just a quick note to tell you I miss you and haven't forgotten how I loved to hold your big head in my hands when you would wake me up and how daddy would always get me something from you to mark this special day. I held your picture and gave you a kiss but you didn't kiss back, thats OK. I know you're watching and knowing that I am missing you something terrible. Always mom. 06/21/09 Today is Father's Day! I will give Daddy a kiss from you, just not quite as sloppy. He misses you too baby. His mornings are so empty without you. He still gets up early as if to take care of you and he'll sit and watch the weather channel. We both love and miss you. 07/24/09 Its been a long summer so far without you, going to the beach on Friday and coming home on Sunday morning. You are watching from there tho, I know. Daddy seems to try to enjoy his time and even plays with Murphy and Bailee, so do I. But I know he would like to have you there as well. No one to sleep with ya know. I still feel ill will toward the neighbors here because of what they did and hope they feel the pain in their lives that they have cause your daddy and I. At least we tried to love again, but never like we loved you. Hope your doing well there and know I love and miss you always. XOXO, Mom 04/09/10 I know its been a while. Yesterday was 2 years since you left and the pain is still fresh in my heart. It is still so hard to sit here and write to you. I still miss you like a part of me has gone forever and will never come back and the depression gets so bad sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. I long for your gentle nudge. I have tried to substitute helping with the goldens and they help but its not all the time and the vacant times are hard, like at night when we would snuggle. I miss you my Gypsy Girl. 07/16/10 My dearest babygirl, we have finally opened up our hearts to another furbaby about 6 weeks ago. She's about a year and a half old and was a rescue much like you were. I finally broke down and agreed to try this type of therapy for my depression again since I had such sucess with you. My lifelong friend that your were, you left such a hole that meds could not fill, I just had to try again. We named her Taffy and she is as loving as you were. Just as active as I remember but we are older too and its really giving us both a run for our money! She wakes your daddy up at night to go out to potty, shes having an issue with that. But just like you did, she will learn. There are toys all over the house, its like having a toddler again but when you were little you were on the sunporch in SC, remember? You had a big yard to run in but Taffy has to wait til the weekends til we go to the beach and she can run on the golfcourse with her cousins, Murphy and Bailee. But run she does, she runs her little legs off! She's part petite golden retriever and part corgi. Medium sized and right for us. Not a replacement you understand but someone for us to bond with again and love just as we loved you. Your picture is still where is always has been since the day you left us and I still talk to you every morning just like before Taffy came to us but it is nice to hold a furbaby once again. Still your momma, Forever, Me The weather is changing, its cool now, ur favorite time of year. Taffy may be loosing her cousins at the beach. They are supposed to be moving to Greenville and she won't see them as often. That will make her sad, no one to run with. Back to long walks with me and Daddy. Mr McDiarmid passed away so I won't see ur twin Krikit anyhmore either. Things change so much. I just hate it. I still miss u so, my best friend forever. Love Mommy. things are really changing now. We are selling our place at the beach. Not any fun anymore. Taffy will be disappointed not to be going there anymore just like us, she enjoyed going like you used to. We are getting ready for our final plans into retirement and the first step was consolidating households from 2 to 1 so we can get a yard for Taffy to run in. Shes still young you see and she needs to get rid of all her extra energy. I know you remember what that was like. You used to drive me nutz! You were so full of boundless energy I couldnt keep up with you. Then you would just stop and flop down and rest and go again. I loved those times and would not trade them for anything. I miss you so. Mrs McDiarmid is not doing so well and I worry about Krikit. She is getting older, about 10 and is slowing down too. One day we"ll hear bad news I expect. Things are always changing. But not my missing you. Thats one thing that has not changed. I still miss you, and love you still. Mom

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