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Memories of Skyler Murray Molen
Skyler was the sweetest girl. She loved other dogs and kids and just wanted everyone to be her friend. She liked to lean against the fence in the back yard so the little boy next door could pet her. She loved bananas and Frosty Paws. One of her favorite places was the little cabin we would go to in the Georgia mountains where she could run free and swim in the creek.

Skyler was one of 10 pups. Her mother was named Summer and her father was named Chase. Summer was as dark as an Irish Setter, while Chase was a very pale golden. Skyler looked more like Chase in stature, while her sister Chloe looks so much like Summer.

Every morning Skyler would put her front paws up on the side of the bed, wanting someone to wake up and play with her. She always had a toy in her mouth (usually her favorite toy the plush Squeaky Ring that Grandma gave her) to greet us, wagging her tail and ready to start a new day. In the evenings, Skyler would do a loud "woof", then sit right in front of us... staring...and staring... - letting us know that now would be a good time to feed her.

She had many toys to play with, although Chloe was always the "toy hog" on any new toys for the first few days. Sky would just hang back and not touch them until Chloe got bored with them. Some of Sky's toys were Moose, Bunny, Lammy, Cow, Monkey, Ropey Kong and Squeaky Bone. She loved retrieving a tossed toy, always running and pouncing after it.Of course, you had to do this several times with her, until she was ready to play alone and hunt with it. She loved playing "where's Skyler?" where we would cover her eyes and ask, and then uncover and cheer "here she is!". Another fun game she loved was if you were laying on the floor,both Skyler & Chloe would get very excited if they heard "HELP, I'm being attacked by Goldens!" They loved giving lots of kisses, and wagging their tails.

She was very submissive. If she saw a 2 month old puppy that was no larger than 5 lbs, she would lay down, roll over and pee a little - to let the puppy know that she would do whatever they wanted.
Don't think she realized she was older/bigger than most.

Some of our nicknames for her were "Sky-baby", "Skyler-yler-yler" and just plain "Sky" and of course "Snicklefritz".

Skyler is missed by her sister/litter mate, Chloe. It's just not the same around here without you Sky. We all miss you so much there just aren't words to describe it. Please know that we did all we could for you, but in the end we just couldn't let you suffer. You were such a trooper, what with the amputation and the chemo, but sadly, it just wasn't enough.

Go find Matt, he will take care of you. And look for Tori, Tucker, Gus, Casey, Biscuit, and Bouncer. They will play with you. And if you want a banana, go find Papa. He always has them! You'll always be remembered as our "Angel with a tail".

We love you,


July 28, 2010
We miss you so much! The family is not complete without you here with us. Your sister Chloe is doing better these days, but we are still struggling. We know you are here in spirit, and will look over us. Miss you, Sky! *sob

October 11, 2010
You've been gone for 4 months. It is still so painful for us, as you are missed so much! We think Chloe has been channeling you, as she has picked up some of your naughty habits. Miss you bunches and gobbles! *sob *sob

December 9, 2010
How are we ever going to get through Christmas without you? We feel your presence at home, but sure do miss that loving face. We always loved seeing you with strands of tinsel on your snout, as you always liked sniffing the tree. Romeo (Susan's pup) is now there with you. Make sure you show him around. *Belly rubs to you **sob **sob **sob

June 13, 2011
You are missed each & every day. Now that your sister Chloe is back with you, the house feels even more empty.Some day we'll see you again. *sob *sob *sob *sob

Please also visit Tori.

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