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Memories of SPARKY
Sparky was a gentle little fellow, never met a stranger. Friendly with everyone. When I received Sparky, I had recently put down my Wire Haired Fox Terrior, due to brain tumors. The Vet I was using at the time saw the state of depression I was in. He brought "Crunchie" to me to take care of during a holiday weekend. Needless to say I fell in love with him, so I decided to keep him. Had to change his name! I spoke to him as if he was a child, telling him, the name "Crunchie" had to go, you are to suppose bring a spark to my life, so I will call you "SPARKY"!


To get him settled in his new home, I went shopping for new toys. It took a short time for Sparky to understand
what toys were, but quickly became adjusted to them, so much, NOBODY messes with his toys. He would hold them in his mouth and run and jump sling them up in the air, where they landed, well, we had to hunt as he barked due to being impatient to find. What a happy little fellow he was when the toy was found. The wag of his tail
would say it all. The joys, smiles and the SPARKS he brought to my life!

Tennessee: This is where we lived when we met. During the late Spring, Summer and early fall days while I was at work, you stayed in the fenced-in backyard. When I returned home in the late evenings, you always stood at the double gates and watched for my car, then you would take off running to the back of the yard, around the workshop and met me at the single gate before we enter the house. You grab a toy and we would play, then we would go out on the front porch to rest. I would sit in the swing and you would lay at my feet. We continued this routine for years. Then one day I arrived home, you were not at the double gates, nor at the single gate. I walked over the backyard, no sign of you, tears came to my eyes. I thought someone had taken you. I looked for the Rottweilers in the neighbors yard. GOOD GOSH! There you were, laying between the new neighbors 2 Rottweilers! All 3 of you were watching me.

Little Buddy: After getting you back to your yard, I told you I will find you a little buddy to play with.
Eventually I found you a (male) Beagle puppy, we called him Little Buddy. He stayed with us awhile until he became mature. Little Buddy started getting territorial, and him being a male and you a male, things were not working out. Just as luck would have it, a co-worker of mine son wanted a dog, so a new home for Little Buddy. The co-worker informed me son and Little Buddy were best of friends. Needless to say Little Buddy became KING of their house, spoiled rotten.


Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof:

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