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Memories of Sugar
We adopted Sugar December 12, 2009. That why I used that as her date of birth. It was the day she was born to us. When we got home, I opened the door to the carrier and let her explore. She disappeared and after a while I went to look for her. She had made her bed in a paper sack filled with papers in a spare bedroom and stayed there for three days, only coming out to eat and use the litter box. My husband and I would go in there several times a day to pet and talk to her. After three days she came out and started getting social. Since it is just my husband and I she felt very comfortable with us. She never slept with us, though she was welcome to, but came in and jumped on the bed every day to "help" us make it up. She had more toys than most children I know and loved to play. In spite of all the toys, her favorite thing to play with was rubber bands. She would sit in my lap for hours, and had the loudest, sweetest purr I have ever heard. When company would come, she would always make them feel comfortable and welcome.
Sometime in January of this year we noticed she was unable to jump on the bed, in my lap, or her favorite chair to look out the window. I would lift her up on the bed or my lap. We took her to her doctor, who diagnosed her with Dysplasia in her left hip. After ten days of medicine, she seemed some better. But that didn't last long. I went back and got a refill on March 2, 2021. After one dose, she rested for a while. When she got up, I lifter her in my lap and we loved on each other. A little later she got restless and wanted down. When I put her down she sank to the floor and couldn't walk. I called the vet. He said he thought she had a stroke. That's when we made the horrible, hard decision to put her out of pain. We had her cremated and got her ashes back a week later.
Everywhere I look, I see or hear her. The house seems empty and lonesome.

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