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Memories of Shasta
A little dog with a big, big heart. We found her 17 years ago this past January, a poor, half starved puppy not more than 4 weeks old. Some one had just thrown her out on a cold, rainy night. We brought her into our home, fed her, nursed her, cared for her and she loved her way into our hearts. With her pleasing personality, her funny little antics and sweet disposition she had us all wrapped around her little paw. The girls are all grown and gone now and it has been just Shasta and me for the last 6 years. Her steady devotion and unconditional love has seen me through some very difficult times. She has always been there, welcoming me home from work, curling up with me at night, and loving me. The bond we have had has been so very special. Her heart/spirit was so much larger and stronger than her little body which finally gave out and Sept. 10, 2004 was one of hardest days of my life. I had to say good-bye to my companion, my Best Friend. Shasta, you're little paw prints will remain on my heart until it no longer beats. Shasta, with your big ears that reminded us of Yoda when you perked them up, your delicate paws and those wonderful big eyes that showed how much you loved me will reside in my memories always. The way you would be looking out the window every evening when I came home from work, all the games of tug of war with the sock that we played, the way you would go stand in the kitchen and beg for your treats, they way you would lay with your little front paws crossed... My hands will never forget the feel of your fur under them and my face will never forget all those welcome "kisses". All these things will remain in my heart as long as I live. I know the last few days were hard for you and you tired so hard to get better because you knew it was what I wanted. Now that your work here in this world is done, and you've gone on before me, you are able to walk, yes, even run and jump and play again. You've earned your rest, so go in peace , Baby Girl, knowing the years of devotion you gave me were the very best and with all my being, I thank you. Please know little girl, that all those speciall things that made you the wonderful companion you were will always remian in my heart. The unconditional love you gave me is a precious gift that I'll always cherish. My little baby girl, I love you and will always.....Your Mommy. 9/11/04..... Shasta, It has been 2 1/2 years since you have gone to "The Bridge", and Baby Girl, I have to say I still miss you just as much as I did when we first had to part. There are a lot of wonderful Fur Babies on this side of "The Bridge", but for me there was and always will be only You. Shast, I love you and miss you. Your Mommy.3/15/07.... Shasta, 5 years have gone by and I'm still missing you...you will continue to live on in my heart and my memories. Time may heal some of the pain of losing you, but time cannot erase the love & bond we shared, my little baby girl. Shast, I'm still loving you, your Mommy. 9/11/09... Hey Shast, It's been 6 years now and the paw prints you left on my heart have not faded. I'm still missing and loving you, Baby Girl. your Mommy9/11/10... Shasta, today is the 7th anniversary of our parting and you going to the Rainbow's bridge and little girl I still miss you so much. I keep your picture on the table by my bed & I look at it and remember all the love and loyalty you gave me. You will always be in my heart...Lovinig you as much as ever, your Mommy!..9/10/11 Shasta, it has been 14 years since I had to say good by to you and I still miss and love you. I still have your picture by my bed. it has taken me these 14 years for my heart to heal enough so that I was ready to allow another dog into my life. I want you to know just this summer I adopted a brother for you and his name is Max. He will walk beside your paw prints in my heart. Your paw prints will never fade from my heart nor will your love and devotion fade from my memory. you will always be my baby girl... your Mommy 9/11/2018 Shasta, 15 years have gone by since you were with me and I'm still missing you. You were such a special gift to my life and will always be in my heart and memories. Even though I now have Max to give me doggie kisses, he doesn't replace you in my heart but has made his own place in my heart. Shasta, there will never be another you...I love you, your Mommy 9/11/2019

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