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Memories of Bruce & Vincent
I don't know where to start. The fact that I lost both of you within a month was very overwhelming. At least you guys are together and that is why I want you to share this memorial. I can not separate you two because I love you both so much and want to talk to you together. See Vincent you took Bruce's grouchiness personal but that wasn't the case. He loved you all along but was just getting old and couldn't keep up with your spunky self. That is why he didn't let you go alone for too long and soon followed. He has always been a great big brother! Mommy misses you guys so much. And so doesn't Rico, Auntie Stephanie, and Uncle Matthew. The house seems so empty without you. Coming home to those bum wiggles and sprints! Giving you the bum scratches and having you each grab the closest tennis ball in sight. There were stashes of them all around the house. I miss watching you two BWF and NASCAR around the house. Everday brought more and more laughs. You guys always had something funny up your sleeves. I miss all the traveling we did and all the bullmeets we went to. You two were always the life of any party. Vin,"Little Man", you were Rico's best friend. He still talks about you everyday and how much he misses you. You showed him a love he never expierenced. We are all so proud of how strong of a little man you are. How positive your attitude was during your 13 month treatment of chemo to fight your battle with cancer. When you were first diagnosed I didn't know what to do. I didn't want you to go so soon, you were only 5 and had so much life left. So we tried the chemo and wow did you surprise everyone! It was like you weren't even sick. You would still play with your tennis balls in serial killer mode, walk around the house with the hamper lid covering you face, and the best one yet was when you would look at the cased up soccer ball in deep thought on how you were going to get it out of the case one day to play with it! Even everytime you went to get your injection the Vet was so taken by how happy you were. That you just loved life. That's what makes it so hard that it was taken so soon. Oh does Mommy miss your tuna bum and your snot rockets! Mommy is so sad that she wasn't there when you passed. But you were with Auntie Stephanie who took such good care of you while you were sick. You hold a special place in her heart. I want to let you know that I finished my marathon for the lymphoma society in memory of you so no other bull has to go through what you did. By you being so strong you gave me the strength to finish! Bruce you are Mommy's "Crazy Man". I miss you so much. I miss smelling your feet in my face first thing every morning. I miss your punk attitude that made me laugh so hard but then you would snuggle up right in my neck and start snoring. You were one of a kind. Even though I love you and Vin the same we do share a special bond since you were my first bullie, and we were together 5 years before Vin arrived. You showed me how awesome bulldogs are. I would skip hanging out with my friends just to be with you. You were all the entertainment I needed. I remember you thinking you were half Rotty since you hung out with them all the time and you running full speed into stone walls! How about the time I tried to watch you swim in the river. You sank like a rock and had to be saved. Sorry, I didn't know bulldogs couldn't swim! So we got you a kiddie pool and you would do the catfish everyday during the summer!Mommy misses kissing those flews and washing the poison kisses off of her blanket. Grampy misses you so much. He misses cooking for you and reading the paper with every morning with peanut butter & jelly toast! Even Grammy misses you guys. Both of you touch so many people's hearts. Bruce I knew once Vin went it was soon going to be your turn. It was getting hard for you to get around with your arthritis, even though you love your sea jerky treats to help with it. And that aweful trip to the vet to see if that lump on your chest was a tumor was what broke me. I knew I had to make a decision and that I didn't want you to suffer. You were 11 and had an awesome life! We did so many things together. Remember Halloween was our favorite holiday together? You made front page of the newspaper in your "tough guy" costume at Barktoberfest! So I made the decision to let you go meet up with your brother at Rainbow bridge so that Mommy's men are together again. Mommy and everyone who loves you can't wait to see you guys again. You are both missed so so much.
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