Goodbye Jasper
by AB Newell

Hang up the lead, along with raincoat
Whether by fireside or on narrow boat
Warm up my slippers, no draft through the door
No more to disturb you, enjoying your snore

Don’t turn up my collar or search for my hat
Cant lean down beside me to give you a pat
No changing of footwear or batteries for torch
The collection of poo bags remain in the porch

No raising of shoulders, prevent chill in the dark
Familiar figures no longer stride through the park
No more setting of watches by time as we head
towards many an ale house, last pint before bed.

No more sitting at kerbside, obediently wait
for the nod of approval from your best mate
No more bar doors fly open, all eyes turn to you
regulars smiling, befriending the new.

Regal posing no more, nor lazing around
No stepping over, a slumbering hound
No free ranging hoover, working tables & chairs
Sharing your love amongst all those with cares

No danger to any, unless upon maliciously stood
Your well natured manor encouraging good
Assumption of friend, to all the unknown
wandering quietly when free to roam

No more hazel brown eyes, as deep as pearls
No more sent forth, to round up the girls
humour no more, break dancing on back
or sympathy limping in search of a snack

No apologies' to colleagues for snoring at work
Whilst under my desk you'd quietly lurk
Then climbing the stairs I'd hear you creep,
protecting us all as we soundly sleep.

As my best mate it was your name known
Me, simply the bloke, who was never alone
All who ask after you, declare it so sad
I was the man, called Jaspers Dad.

AB Newell Oct 2016
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