Jasper is old,
The march of time, does unfold,
The puppy we gained of a few weeks old,
In one hand, we did hold,
Has left his youth behind,
To old age he is now consigned,
The endless energy and unbridled joy,
The delight of a squeaky toy,
Chasing a ball, hour after hour,
Muddy puddles, then home under the shower,
Walking up hill and down dale,
Now, only memories prevail,
Souvenirs, to ever-last,
For those days are gone, lost in years past,
Short walks are now the order of the day,
Rides in the car, Jasper enjoys everyday,
A warm, cosy bed, for contented sleeps,
Cuddles and treats, he gladly reaps,
I wonder, when his soul will be taken away,
Off to where the celestial dogs play,
This day, we secretly dread,
The day our beloved Jasper is dead,
But until then, he will always be,
Our best friend, with undying loyalty,
The day Jasper fades, and this life must end,
We will raise a glass, ‘Farewell for now, dear friend.’

Jasper is now beyond old,
His life over, body cold,
The house is empty, oh so still,
A canine greeting, no longer at the doorsill,
Walkies in the pouring rain,
Sometimes, I would complain,
But how I wish for those times again,
Best mate walking in the pouring rain,
One day, when we meet again,
Joy will prevail, no more sorrow or pain,
Although our heart aches so,
We know, it was your time to go,
We shed many a tear,
But our memories are forever crystal clear,
Of the joy, good times and love,
You gave, before ascending above.

Nothing, no words can prepare,
For when your dog is no longer there,
The house is sad, the atmosphere melancholy,
Our lives changed so abruptly,
Standing, holding collar and lead,
Now alone. With Jasper, no longer accompanied,
The stillness is so cruel,
Emotions of grief only to fuel,
The absence is often overwhelming,
Of a lost connection, an emptiness unrelenting,
Sounds of Jasper, late at night,
Walking around offer intrigue, not a fright,
Is he here and not moved on?
To the celestial fields to run and play upon,
With our other dogs, long since departed,
Waiting for Jasper, for a welcome wholehearted,
Maybe, Ben, Harvey and Sammy, call his name,
Eager to play a game,
After three nights, this stops. Silence,
Perhaps now there is total absence,
To have him born again, in a body new,
For another life to renew,
My bank account I would empty, no doubt,
That, I have no qualms about,
But that can never be, alas,
So we must endure the sorrow, knowing it will pass.

So, Jasper, now you have your angel wings,
Fly high, run free, with our blessings.

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