Our Girl Sammy
by Abbey Tompkins
You were the best there's ever been. You never did a single wrong, only rights. You could never stop loving us even for one night. We yelled and shouted but you just wanted affection. We used to play hide and go seek and you would find us, but now I'm the one having trouble finding you. You played like a puppy even though you were old. You would jump to catch bubbles, or blow them out your nose. You loved opening up your Christmas gifts next to us doing our own. You acted so tough but inside you were sweet. Your floppy little ears and your smile cheek to cheek. I miss you everyday and some days a little more. It's hard to not see you when I walk in the door. You never let us down, you always knew how to make us smile and to pick us up. I wish you were to help me back up. We miss seeing you laying by the TV five feet from your bed. I miss being able to put my arm down and pet your head. I wish I could cuddle you one last time, to just feel your fur along my side. My heart aches for you to be gone but I know you're better in the sun. You seemed okay, it was just a rough patch but right when we thought it was over, it came back to attack. I know you still wanted to go out but just couldn't bear to walk, seeing you on the floor for days gave me thoughts. Thoughts I didn't think would happen so soon. How did the time go by so fast yet so slow with you. I cherish all the memories you gave us all. From knocking the Christmas tree down, catching bubbles, chasing Bella, not knowing how to play catch, and eating corn on the cob, you were the best dog there was in town. It hurts for you to be gone, but also puts me at peace that you aren't hurting anymore. Nothings the same and truthfully, thats okay. I've been lucky enough to have been able to call you my best friend, my dog, and my family for the last 15 years, and nothing can take that away. I know you are still out there watching, playing with the others, and waiting to see us again. XOXO, we love and miss you Sammy.
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