Evy, I wish you could have stayed longer.
by Aimee
Evy found me on 11/16/2009. She knew she was where she was suppose to be. She was the best girl anyone could ever ask for. She made me smile and lifted my soul everyday. She broke my heart on 3/19/2021. I know it was her time and I am grateful that she went quickly. But how I wish I could rub her fluffy belly just one more time or look into those blue eyes again, or be lucky enough to receive her kisses again or just see her tail wag just one more time. It hurts so bad to know your gone and will never be there to greet me again. But I know I cannot be selfish and need to let you go. You took a piece of my heart when you took that last breath. I will forever live you. Run free Evy!
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