by Alannah Hutka (Abrams)
I was so oblivious to the signs, to the signals you tried to send.
Like when you stopped running and leaping up, to snuggle on my bed.
When you chose to lie under the chaise instead of on top,
And when it was time for food,
You didn't thump on the counter in a big Spock hop.

When you hid in Luca's closet,
I thought for sure you were up to no good.
But really, you wanted to be alone and only with me, if I would.
I shooed you away, not knowing the signs,
Thinking "MY captain Spock? It can't possibly be HIS time!"
And when the next day came and went, as you were entirely aloof from my life,
It crushed my world to know your life was ending in such strife.

As you lie with your eyes fixated on my face,
Even when all you could do was breathe and blink,
You hopefully know I was with you as your spirit ventured away from this place
I tried to give you a few final drinks of cool water,
Hoping to revive your body of life,
But God knew it was your time, and even against my wishes, that time was right.

Your final raspy meows still echo in my ears
The final responses to the last few times I called out to you and said your mame Amidst sadness and fear

I wish I'd have moved you someone where nicer than by the dining hall closet where we laid,
But I know you sought it out for a reason and that all respect should be paid

I was with you my dear love until your eyes no longer could blink,
And until the breath no longer coursed through your body, ebbing and flowing at your flank.
The final breath drawing out your lungs has replayed vividly in my mind,
But I'm trying to find more comfort knowing you're finally at peace with the wonderful Rainbow Bridge and never ending sunshine.

I miss seeing you on the window sill, basking in the sun;
Looking out at he world beyond with such wondering eyes and a personality so noble yet so fun
But today we buried you beneath the most beautiful tree in the yard outside,
And I know your body is at peace and your soul has crossed the bridge - so vibrant and so alive

I cried out to see you before slumber and I know you were here,
I saw those beautiful glowing green eyes and felt that velvety soft black fur coat
I saw a shadow cat jumping up and down,
Even over by Adelaide and the window, overlooking or sleepy town
I smiled for the first time since Thursday when I felt your soul in my room,
And I know no matter what day or the week it is, we can always be together soon.

I will see you someday my sweet, and please know I love you more than words,
For your purr will always be the best music I ever heard.
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