I gotcha buddy....
by Alex MacFarline
I gotcha buddy...
No worries I won't move your bed.
I'll help you get up when you fall.
I'll go get your anxiety bandana when you're scared.
I'll hug you in my arms.
No worries my chocolate lab,15 years I've been been blessed.
I'll cover your ears when the world gets too loud.
I'll carry you up the stairs when it's too hard
But now things have changed...
You're no longer around.
I rush home to check on you to only find a empty house.
I look in your special spots.
My back seat lay empty, no more car rides for now.
My bed lay cold.
My heart a little heavy.
My world turned upside down.
Your bowl lay waiting, its been two months.
Your collar is still in my trunk.
Your muddy paw prints are still on my door.
I know you're gone but.... I gotcha buddy in case you ever come home.

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