He Was a Magic Kitty
by Ali
Merlin, you were the companion I didn't know I needed. We spent our days together, side by side, as you purred and told me things were okay. Every time I sat down, you followed and sat on my lap. Your raccoon tail fluffy near my face. We frequently talked and I knew you truly understood. The best part of my day was coming home to you. Every morning started out as good as life got when I woke to you perched on my chest. You were my best pal. Today my life crumbled around me as I watched you fight for your life. I tried to get to the emergency care as fast as I could. I could tell you were suffering and I hated that I couldn't help you. I took you in two days ago to get a simple neuter done. You seemed fine and then today I could tell you weren't breathing properly. Sometimes I wonder if I took you in sooner would you still be here by my side. Your sister Athena misses you too. She won't ever have a friend as wonderful as you. I love you more than words can describe and I will never forget you.
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