Gone, but not forgotten.
by Alyssa
Today, all my loved ones surrounded me. Under our big old apple tree that I would lay under during the hot, summer months.
I received lots of treats, and of course...love. The same love I got for the pasted 15 years. You all told me how much you guys love me, and of course, I love you to.

I fell asleep peacefully. I was still watching over you guys though. Remember that old loyal dog who protected you for all those years? Well, do not worry. I am still hear. Protecting you in silent ways. Those tears your were shedding, I soft long licked them away. I know you didn't feel it, but I did. I see you looking at my old toys-thinking of that Rowdy little puppy that would play with him. Don't worry, he's still here-I'm still here.

You may not see or feel me physically, but I know you can feel my presence when I'm around. I can tell by the soft smile you give and then you say "good boy," I wish my tail, and lay at your feet like I'll always do.

Remember Sadie? My older sister? I visited her today. She's still here to. I know you haven't forgotten her, for you've always talked about her also.

When you lost a beloved pet, just because you no longer see them physically, does not mean they are gone. It simply means, that they are still running free, but without the suffering. They are the whispering winds, they your guardian angels.

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