My little lovebug
by Amber Killian
My cat snuggles was everything to me. She was the best cat ever. She could always tell when someone was sad or anxious She would hop onto you and purr and make sure you pet her until you calmed down. She would even know when I was having a panic attack.

She loved head boops especially if you made a kiss sound She would come up and boop her head to your lips.

She loved to held while she wrapped her paws around your shoulders while you rocked her while listen to music

She loved running around the house playing chase. When she was done she would flop over for belly rubs.

If she ever got feisty she would grab you with her paws and lick you.

She loved belly rubs. She would purr endless with belly rubs

She loved belly kisses too. She loved getting kisses.

When she needed attention she would give head boops.

She followed me in every room we were always hanging out. She had to be near me at all times

When we werebl homeless she used to always sleep with one paw on me.

She never left the back yard. She was happiest at home.
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