by Amy Havens
To be loved by a dog is the best feeling ever but to be cherished by a dog is life changing. It's silly to say that a dog can be your bestfriend but it's the reality for a lucky few. They never judge you, they only love you for who you are. They love the honest version of you,the one that isn't pretty & that isn't perfect. They love you with your flaws & they love you hard. Their world revolves around their love for you & they take it serious to show you that affection. They will give selflessly of themselves just to show you they care. They don't withhold it no matter what, no matter what you do they will always love you. And the ones that love the deepest will read your emotions & comfort you. What a blessing that God bestowed to us lonely souls, to the ones that He knew would need that kind of love. For there is such a simple joy to your heart to be met with such pure enthusiasm by a loving dog every day. It can put a smile on the saddest face, to know that you are cherished that way. And if they could last forever & hold our hands one more day, well that would be perfect. Because when they leave us after being our shadow every single day, well that's torture in the most roughest of ways. Why do we allow our hearts to love as though they can't be broken?
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