My best friend
by Ana
i was sleeping when my mom came into my room telling me the cat was attacked by some dogs . i wasn’t fully awake and it took me a minute to realise what was happenig. she told me to hold her while she gets dresses and i looked at her and saw the worst thing in my fluffy friend in pain ,hurting and looking at me so scared. i remember just telling her to not leave me , i started crying but i stopped really fast . once my mom and dad were back we wrapped her in a blanket and kept her warm. the vet had told us she probably wouldn’t be able to use her back legs anymore and then my mom said tht if this would happen we would have to put ger down. my breathing stopped ,how could she even think about that? i laid down next to her and cried , a lot. i hugged her ,kissed her ,and wondered why did she have to leave the yard ,why now , why her ,just why. she started moving like she wanted to leave , i thought she wanted to use her litterbox ,but when i took her there she couldn’t stand. i had to pinch myself to stop myself from crying. we started wrapping her in warm towels to kepp her warm and kept updating the vet on her condition. that’s when i heard it for the first time “she’s not going to make it” i kept saying that we can’t give uo,we need to take her to another vet,to do something , i couldn’t see my life without her. it only took a bit ,she passed away while we were holding her . it was the most painful thing i had to go through. i wish i knew what to do ,i wish i could have helped her. i wish i knew tht would happen and. i wish i hadn t let her suffer . it took me two weeks to realise that when i thought she wanted to use the litter box she just wanted to be left alone. it’s been two months since that. i had a really important exam and the only thing that kept me motivated to study was her, whenever i studied she came next to ke and slept on my desk. i wanted to make her proud. i did. that’s the only thing that mattered. it s been two months and i m starting to forget her , to forget how it was to have her next to me,to forget how she felt, what her brown fur felt like . and i don’t want to . i don t want to forget her. i want her here with me. i want her to turn six. i want her to be happy.
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