Doggie Heaven
by Andrea
I grieved longer and harder for my furry Beagle baby, Max, than I did for some of my human relatives. I'm ashamed to say it, but it's true. I spent $17,000 to save his life, and it worked for 2 years. Some people said I was stupid because I used my credit cards. I don't care what they think. I could never do it again because I'm still paying it 8 years later, but I don't regret that I tried. If it were my world, I would let dogs live longer, and some miserable people live shorter lives.

Doggie Heaven

I’d like to go to Doggie Heaven,
Bask in the shade of a large oak tree.
I’d like to go to Doggie Heaven,
Where all the bones and treats are free.

Please let me go to Doggie Heaven
Where there are no leashes and no fleas.
How can I get to Doggie Heaven,
Where there’s plenty of water,
And a house by the sea?

I’d pay my way into Doggie Heaven,
Where every dog is allowed to be free.
When can I go to Doggie Heaven,
But does my dog Max want to go with me?
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