Loving the Loss
by Andrea Medlin
Loving the Loss

My darling, my love, my sweet boy. How you brought such joy to my heart everyday, just by being you.
You soothed my heart when I was down, you lifted me up when I needed a boost with your soft kitty paws and soft kitty fur. Touching your cool velvety ears eased the tension in the tight coils of my mind.
You lay on my pillow at night and massaged my shoulders, licked my tension from my forehead and pat my eyes with your gentle kitty mittens.
My heart has reached depths I never knew I could feel with your passing, though I know you are no longer suffering, it still brings me to tears to not be able to find you laying in the closet or basking in the sunlight on the cozy bed.
It feels empty in here without you, it echoes and I can feel the emptiness of your spirit. I feel like my heart has been shattered into a million tiny prisms, each one filled with love for you, floating off into the spaces in between the sunlight and moonbeams shining where you used to lay.
Come back to me one day, come back and fill the space in my heart where I grieve and soothe me again with your gentle love. I will wait for you, and I will find you again.

Losing a pet, as an adult has shattered my heart open. I feel love, real love for those I love. I have discovered through my loss a depth of love that I did not know I could access, nothing has accessed it before. Isn’t it strange the gateways our heart finds to re connect us back to what truly matters, love and those present in our life who are a part of our hearts.
I will keep this feeling alive in my spirit, I will share this love, this vulnerable space of love with others and connect to them through my heart, not my mind, not my ego or ruthlessly wandering thoughts.
God bless those who have lost someone they love, as we travel in these times of uncertainty, may we all find what keeps us connected, in love, vulnerable and open to our hearts. Do not despair! It is the love that we feel and share that is real, as real as the warm sun,, as real as that unexpected hug that breaks down your walls and gives you the space to receive your truth. May we all be that for one another, and maybe, just maybe we can move into the future full and whole and complete, in love, at peace, in truth. God bless us all on our journeys back home, back to our divine nature.
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