Thanksgiving with the Family
by Andrea
We have a young cousin who was born with Downs Syndrome. He lives a good 600 miles from us. I speak to him a few times during the year, especially around the special holiday, and days that are special to him. He is difficult to understand, so it takes time to learn how to listen to him.

Three days before last Thanksgiving Day, he phoned us. He was concerned that my husband and I would be spending the Holiday alone, and he wanted us to come to his house. Knowing that we couldn’t leave our furry family, I explained that we are not alone, we have Sam, ShyAnne, Max (all dogs), Marley (cat) Windrunner, and Maple (horses).

I said we’d be sitting at our dining room table surrounded
by our “family” and would say a prayer, and have a wonderful meal. There was a long pause on his side of the telephone . Then, he asked, “How are you going to get the horses into the house?” Such a sweet question from a sensitive boy!
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