snowy.. my cutie angel
by Ann Mathew
During sad times of my life I got a cute little white furry puppy. he was only 3 weeks old when he came to us.and I was so happy to see him. he was so cute and sweet. and we cared him like a little child.gave him all our love,care,comfort. he slept with us,ate with us,played with us. snowy was our family. he really loves to be cuddled. and we cuddled and kissed him all the time.he was our only happiness. the sight of snowy wagging its small furry tail and barking at us when we are back at home was the best. symbol of pure and innocent love. I loved that. I gave gim all tasty foodstuffs. his most favorite one was chocolates. he will snatch it from me wherever I eat. but I really loved that. but now he is gone.. my snow baby is no more. he left us..and we really really miss him. The only thing I want now is my snowy. everyday I dream about my snow coming back to us. add its the only thing I play to God now. to give me back my baby. I want him in my arms. but for one thing I am happy. that u lived the best life a dog can get. thank you so much for coming to our life, for your love. you are and always will be our family dear one. even though you are gone from our sight,you'll always be in our hearts as our cute little angel. see you in heaven love.. with lots and tons of love, kisses,���� hugs ������
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