My Love Spot/Scotty
by Anne Goldberg
Today, 7/18/2020, is 17 years that I adopted Scotty/Spot from Ann who managed a colony of feral cats in Clifton, NJ. I helped Ann in the spring and summer of 2003 to get the cats spayed and neutered and she called me the morning of 7/18/2003 and left me a voicemail message that there is a very young kitten recently born in the colony and I should come and take him. So I drove to Clifton and Ann gave me this young kitten in a carrier and she told me to keep him. I drove him home and that was Scotty. I actually named him Spot because he had a spot on his nose but my boyfriend called him Scotty. I fed him the kitten formula food KMR. He was so little and sweet and he had blue eyes which then turned green. And so began our loving relationship. When Scotty was a kitten he liked to walk on my shoulders when I was sitting on the couch and I remember my other cat Lola was on the couch with us and she was watching as Scotty was walking on my shoulders. He was so little and playful. Scotty always remembered that time when he was a tiny kitten and liked to walk on my shoulders because when he became an adult he liked to jump on my back when I would come out of the shower. I would put my nightgown on and bend down after coming out of the shower and Scotty would jump on my back and like to lie there on my back and play with my hair also. As I write this it makes me cry remembering Scotty as a kitten and his loving life. As an adult Scotty would give me kisses on my face when I was in bed. I called him my big shot because he was the boss of all my other cats (Berny & Lola & Freddy & Li’l Freddy & Biaggio & Angel) and he was especially close to my other cat Freddy. I called him DYNK and often said to him, “mom loves DYNK” and “big shot DYNK” and “look at DYNK”. And I used to say to Scotty, “DYNK from Van Houten Avenue in Clifton”. I don’t know how I came up with the nickname of DYNK and when I adopted Scotty that name came to mind. And it matched the clothing line Donna Karan New York (DKNY). My nickname for Lola was Munch, I called her brother Freddy, Buti (short for big buster) and I called Biaggio, Muddie.
Mom loves and in loving memory of DYNK & Freddy & Lola & Li’l Freddy & Biaggio & Berny & Angel.

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