Missing you
by Ann marie Luka
It's been 2 days since you passed. I keep crying becuase i love you so much. But i know you are with God and in Heaven. I think sonetimes that it was my fault. But i know you Ryland!! You always go underneath my bed when you are not feeling well. Next day..it's like you cure your self. But this last morning when we cuddled and loved was my last time with you. Yet you knew something was wrong. You got from underneath my bed and went to Jazlyn's room(your human sister) she held you and took care of you. You passed away in her arms. I miss you and so does the whole family. You weren't alone my little boy. You were with your human sister. We all miss you and will always love you! Be happy and play with all the other dogs and cats. I love you baby boy❤❤❤❤❤

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