A Farewell to Purr
by April Layland
It was with great sadness and shattered hearts that my husband, my mom & I had to say "good-bye" to our wonderful friend, Purr, today, May 10, 2016. My Mother rescued him as a stray kitten barely surviving by eating out of a dumpster. The minute she picked him up, he started purring & he never stopped. For nearly 21 years he filled our lives with unconditional love & unwavering companionship. Even when he began to suffering from diabetes & finally kidney failure, he endured his twice daily insulin shots & weekly IV fluids with a purr for each of us. He fought as hard as he could, but his body grew too terribly tired although his sweet spirit never wavered. We will be forever
grateful for all the love, loyalty & companionship he bestowed upon us. We will never forget him & always remember the joy of his life with us! We will love you always, Purr Purr...Run free across the Rainbow Bridge...Until we meet again~When there are these difficult passages in life all we can do is focus on the joyous and happy memories and accept the overwhelming sadness by knowing that grief is the price we must pay for love. Instead of regretting that his life is now over, we will be grateful for the many wonderful years we shared with our special boy~
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