2 years
by April
It’s been two years Princess and I still miss you. I still have your food bowls and toys. I still tell my mom to not cover the hole you dug so long ago. I got a new dog named Delilah and everything has been okay. Time has healed the wounds but I still could never forget you. I just wanted to say thank you really. You taught me the proper way to take care of a dog and taught me that having a dog is a relationship of mutual respect and trust. I don’t cry anymore but instead think of all of the funny times we had and look back on all of the cute pictures you had. I still call you Dumbo because of your big ears and even found old videos with you in them. You are now a happy memory for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for having you in my life. My dad would tell me that when you’d pass you’d just be with me in spirit and I genuinely believe him now. I may not be ready for my life to end but I sure am excited to see you again. Thank you
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