Our kind maltese/bichon Khan
by Ariana
Khan was a lovely dog. It was a time when we needed a pet,and Khan was taken from horrible circumstances in a big city.The previous owners made him live in a cage and as a result,he developed anxiety and was very insecure about the world he was living in. He felt anxiety.he never ''smiled'' so to speak, since he was always very serious,he was barely able to bark,and never wanted to go outside or even move in the house. he would just sit in the living room and stare at you,mostly. It was all very hard to handle,but nothing is too dificult when it comes to your pet. After a while, he got used to us,mostly to my mother. He slowly began to open his wings so to speak,and became more engaging. Soon enough, he got the courage to be outside. He would go on long walks, and would enjoy playing with his friends in the big park. I live in a village with my mother,and grandparents who have passed away, and Khan was a must in our family life. We would let him go,in the big park, every afternoon where he would run around and play with his friends,some more big dogs, others not so much,but they all loved Khan the same. He would go for walks in the morning,and in the afternoon in extra long walks. Sometimes,because the village is small, he would return back home on his own,which was always a bit of a risk,for us as his owners. He was very kind,very considerate,almost as if you had a human being in the house not a dog. He was very close with my mother, and cherished her a lot. She loved him dearly. He never liked toys however. He was against them.When he was not outside on one of his walks, he was watching the television with mom. I took him at times to the Tisa,a river here in our village,so he would see the ''beach'' of the village.Mind you,it is cold where we are at times, it's not a beachside village,but we do have a river where people go for swims when it is good weather. There is the flowering of the Tisa,a natural thing that happens to the river every once in a while,where us locals gather to watch. So Khan went there ,most of the time.I prefered to take him to the Tisa, where he can see the water. Khan was a Pisces in his horoscope,and I have read somewhere that Pisces like water. He was sensitive, but enjoyed his walks by the beach of our village. I thought the water was a healing effect on him,and I was right I think. The Tisa for the two of us. Sometimes as a family we went to the big park. There is a more big building there that is described as a local castle.I would give him water, from the tap there,and sometimes he would just sit,although he played most of the time. He had his friends.When it was winter it was very beautiful,for our dog Khan, the fall also, summers not so much, because we could not go as much as we could for our walks because of the heat. He also helped when it was time to go to the market. He would pull the shop basket and that was very touching. We would take him to the big city, for adventures, car rides and so he could swim in a big river, more appealing than the Tisa for him. He loved the road.We took photos of him,and there is one we cherish,it is on the refrigirator. He was a therapy dog,or so I was told, never caused any aleriges with his fur, and was very calm and polite.Like I said, almost like a human being. The problem was, he was too close with mom,but grandparents loved him the same. I loved him too. One day however, was very full of stress. One day, it was a day full of stress for everyone, and it was time to take Khan out for a walk,just down the street,he did not seem like he wanted to go anywhere further.Those weeks he was behaving strange, visiting his favorite places almost as if he was saying goodbye. We were in front of our door, and as we were placing his leash he got loose and ran at the road. To our horror,a car struck him. My mother ran to his side, the horrible car did not even stop to apologize, and we were left with him,all in a pool of blood. He tilted his head,as if he was saying goodbye,and passed away in our arms. It was horrible.We brought him in the house,covered in a blanket,and barried him. His grave is very full of joy,and is calm, with a rainbow color ornament.Soon after, the local circus was in the village. I went to see, and there was a dog on stage that preformed, in a little car. Everyone was cheering the dog,and all I could think about was Khan.It was very odd, watching a dog on stage, when your own dog has passed away,and see the people smiling when your sad,but nobody knows why. We were encouraged to get a new dog,this time a bichon,because Khan was a mixture. From a village,we got our new dog. We named him Yoda. Now, Yoda is a whole different story.He is alive and kicking,and is a bichon. If I ever thought that with Khan it was long walks, I guess I should meet Yoda. With Yoda I spend the entire afternoon in the big park. Because it is a village,there is not plenty of room where to take your dog,except go to the local elementary school that is far away, next to the place where fairs are held, and the big park,the small park,and the Tisa. The Tisa can be nice when the weather is good,many people bring their dogs and sit there and read,while their dogs play. With Yoda we sit in the park,I take him sometimes early,when grandfather was sick then I took him in the morning,and when the grandparents passed away I spend lots of time with him. He likes his toys, and he fit in the palm of my hand.I will never forget how he was in my bed watching television with me,he seemed so small. I even said he and I are members of a circus called Dumbo,a home circus for me and Yoda. Khan was also a ''circus dog''. Just by saying that he was,makes him that as well. So this is our short story,about Khan and now Yoda. Wish my mother and me lots of luck with Yoda,he was become our friend and almost as if we have a child at home.RIP Khan,you are missed dearly.
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