My Furry Friend of 15 Years
by Ariel
My cat has been gone for a year now. Her dissappearance/death was totally unexpected even though I should have recognized the signs. I believe God anointed her to let me know she was going to pass away because the last day I saw her, she was frantically pacing in front of my screen door- meowing with her eyes wide like she was trying to tell me something. Almost like she was worried. But I didnt' notice, so I laughed thinking she was trying to get more attention than usual, and went out to pet her for a little, and then went back inside. She still meowed like crazy, So I closed the door and she was so determined, she jumped on the railing of the porch, and tried getting my attention in front of the window and meowed like crazy. I think she was trying to say goodbye. I still feel guilty for closing the door.. but I do know her presence still shows sometimes in my heart. as if my soul allows me to see her where she used to be, as if shes still there. it makes my heart wrench.. I also feel guilty as if I shouldnt feel this way, and that I should be grieving for the days I spend less time with God. I wish God could bring her back. I miss her often and I find it very hard to cope with it. I'm afraid she could have gotten hit by a car or eaten by a coyote since I live in a woodsy area. I often have OCD day dreams of a cat getting hit by my car as if my cat could of, so out of fear and sadness, I drive slow when I'm close to getting home. I wish I could get theraputic help but everywhere costs a lot of money even with insurance... still, God heals me. I know I'll be fine, but I still wish I had her in my life again... If anyones got tips to cope, let me know. thanks for reading this far, and God Bless you.
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