It's 1 month and look what I am going through
by Arpita
31/07/2023 (and today 31/08/2023)-- Dear Topsy, the most worst day of my whole life,can't believe it's one month since you left me and crossed over. The first few days was most difficult and unbearable for me so I started looking for people or website where I can read stories of people who are going through the same pain and how they are dealing with it and it was then that I came to know about RAINBOW BRIDGE (Thanks to the founder of this) and since that day I started reading stories which people all around the world share here. After reading their stories I came to know that I am not the only person who is bearing this kind of pain but there are many like me who are going through what I am going through now. I know that you are healed now totally. I am not forgetting you but I am learning to live with that pain. Since you passed away, I still get panic and devastated everyday. Earlier whenever I used to hear someone about their pet loss, I used to get scared that how will I live without you both (I have 2 dogs) and look now I am living that. I still cry everyday whenever I think about you and your those last moments. Life is very difficult without you. People tell me even family members that why still I am sad for you it's a long time now, but they will never understand the bond and love we used to share because they never shared it in that way. Now whenever I cry, I hide from others and cry myself out. They will never understand what I have lost. I am still not able to make myself believe that you are gone, it seems like I will call your name and you will run and stand in front of me wherever you are like you used to do before. I lost my appetite neither I sleep properly since that day. How I miss seeing you in that corner of the bedroom where you used to sleep every night. It is Rakhi here in India today (a festival to celebrate the bond between a brother and sister) and how I missed you being beside me. I was not able to sleep the previous night, every moment spend along with you and those last moments of yours flashed back and again my heart broke and I cried remembering you this morning.

Everything has changed now and the pain of loosing you will always remain in my heart until my last breath.

I now look forward to meet you again in heaven and this time it will be forever. It's 31 days since you passed away and I am 31 days closer to meet you again. Till then take care and be blessed and know that I miss you so much because I love you so much.
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