Missing you
by Arpita
I was really struggling hard with my career and was not even able to find a single suitable job for me. But even during this hard times of my life You (Topsy) and Rick were always besides me. And I strongly believe that today whatever I have achieved in my life is just because of both of yours blessings. And ultimately with both of yours blessings I finally got selected for a job with a good position.
On 1st November 2023, I will be completing 1 year here since I got selected and I had many plans how to celebrate this with you both and now you are not here to celebrate this so I have cancelled the celebration. Though I have decided a gift for RICK but no celebration. My gift for RICK will be my way of thanking him for everything he has given me. To thank you in some other way I have decided something else. But never imagined that I will be thanking you in this way.


Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

And endless Thank you for every blessing you and Rick has blessed me with.

Lastly but not the least ....Thank you to that GOD who has sent Topsy and Rick in my life.......You both were always and will always remain the most beautiful blessings of my life.
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