Missing your presence
by Arpita
With a love so pure,
I am certain you had all the cure.
You entered our lives,
And made sure it was love that thrives.
Days passed and you grew,
Our love had no bounds, that I knew.
We went crazy with your round and fluffy tail wagging,
And the all day licking.
Your head boops and guilty face,
Occupy my heart's biggest space.
The home being a mess,
With your toys scattered around the place.
Now, that you are gone, i wipe my tears,
With nobody to sit by my side, there's nobody to care.
With a hope to meet you again in heavens,
I feed the dogs outside to feel your presence.
Love you my dearest TOPSY!

But I feel satisfied that you didn't suffered with any disability or disease before you passed away. You went peacefully that day. And I know you are in the best place with God to take care of until we meet again!

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