Sharing my experience with Topsy
by Arpita
Topsy, I miss you because I love you. I don't know how to start but people say that everything will get better with time. But I cannot express in words how bad I am feeling since the day you passed away and it's getting even worst with every passing days. Nobody is understanding my emotions neither my grief. I don't know how much time it would take for me to recover with your loss or don't know whether I will be able to recover ever. You were my first dog and is and always will be my most dearest child. I'll never be able to replace you with any other dog. Every morning when I wake up it hit me hard when I realise that you are not around me anymore. Every day when I return back from office and you are not there to welcome me makes me feel devastated. My days are passing really very rough. I know Rick (Labrador) is by my side but I am used to seeing both of you together always. Even he misses you very much. I see a lot of behaviour changes in him. Suddenly he has became very good and obedient child just like you used to be (still he will take time to learn many thing). I will never forget that night when you passed away. That has became one of my biggest nightmare. I remember whenever I used to see and bad dreams about your death when you were alive how scared I used to get and now dealing it in reality is just killing me. I just want to curse the vet who didn't examine you properly, it was totally his ignorance. I know all these can't bring you back but how I wish I could go back in past and change everything. You were not a dog instead you were an angel without wings sent into my life as God knew that my these years would be full of ups and downs. So he sent you to do everything right. I miss your kisses, your hugs, your cute naughtiness. I miss you feeding your breakfast and dinner. You were the most most most most most behaved dog I have ever seen in my life. Every corner of the house makes me remember about you. In your last days I didn't realised it that I am going to loose you because till the very last day you were happy and were playing around. Before whenever you used to have any health issues you used to look weak but with love and care you would again get back. This time you were weak so I didn't realised that the result will this worst. I will always remember the last good night kiss. I know you are happy and healthy again just like you used to be in your teenage days. Here on earth, I am taking care of Rick (Labrador) and after him very soon I will join you there in the Heaven and after that we 3 (me, rick and you) will always be together. Just know that I love you and always will love you. Just waiting for my days to get complete on this earth.
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